The Importance Of Oxygenating All The Cells In Your Body

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    Cellular oxygenation

    Oxygen is fundamental for the health of people, its intake is only by breathing, but it has essential and important participation for all metabolic reactions, involving the obtention of energy through the oxidation of nutrients, more so, when the cells of the body do not receive the oxygen they die immediately. Researchers have found a connection between cancer and a lack of oxygen, to which, it has been confirmed cancer cells are anaerobic, this indicates that they do not need oxygen for their harmful reproduction.

    It should be noted that in this same line of research, it has been proven, that an alkaline PH is beneficial for health since it counteracts malign cell reproduction. This is important since oxygen as the fundamental gas for superior living beings supports the process of “vital combustion“. It has been proven that people can live days or even weeks without drinking water or food, but without oxygen, the person will die in a matter of minutes. It should also be noted that the body needs oxygen for the transformation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, it is also the main element intervening in the respiratory processes.

    Oxygenation of the human body

    There have been calculations that indicate that people breathe about 20,000 times a day and some more current studies indicate that our lung capacity declines by 5% for each decade of life, this deficiency generates an increasingly smaller body, in addition, the body is composed of 1000 billion cells, the air we breathe is composed of 78% nitrogen, and the so-called trace gases form 1%, these are argon, carbon dioxide. Every 90 minutes millions of antibodies are synthesized, each one with 1200 amino acid and each hour 200 million erythrocytes are generated.

    Doing correct oxygenation, the elimination of toxic waste is supported by means of oxidation, it is important to emphasize that this process has a fundamental value for a good functioning of the red blood cells, since the role it plays transporting hemoglobin to benefit all the cells of the body, taken noted that hemoglobin is a vital protein for humans.

    Ways to increase oxygen concentration.

    Ingesting an alkaline diet is very important because some foods leave a series of waste which lowers the pH in the blood thus negative causing symptoms in people. Another important issue for health is to drink enough water daily, as this is not only vital for the good use of oxygen, but also for the transportation of blood. This habit, that is, taking enough water allows us to breathe properly because when taking air with the upper part of the body blood vessels dilate, which significantly increase the arrival of oxygen.

    Oxygenation of blood

    There are many ways to increase the concentration of oxygen, one of which is to perform physical activities on a daily basis, practicing different aerobic activities such as swimming, hiking, jogging, among many others as they help increase oxygen levels.

    Avoiding neurodegenerative diseases.

    Among the main elements that help you to prevent this type of diseases is avoiding foods of animal origin such as meat, dairy and especially those refined and processed. Another important fact to avoid non-treated drinking water, ideally, it has to be consumed filtered or mineralized.

    Another important advice is also to perform a series of slow breaths for 12 minutes from the diaphragm through the nose, these exercises are essential for the elimination of wastes through the lymphatic system, breathing an air rich in oxygen, regularly increases the level of oxygenation.

    Benefits of oxygenation methods.

    Oxygenation of the blood through the carotid

    Among the main benefits of increased oxygenation methods is the increase in cell reproduction, so that the organism can self-heal, the immune and nervous systems improve their performance, blood pressure is regulated, risks of infarction is reduced, improves diabetics condition is improved, the healing of wounds is accelerated. In general energy in the body increases, since oxygen provides 90% of the bodies energy, improving the functioning of all organs, of memory and the reduction of varicose veins and cellulite, digestion is improved fatigue is reduced, better sleep is obtained, among others results.

    One very positive outcome is the achievement of a state of relaxation, that is a state in which you feel tranquility, serenity, peace, concentration, among others. Increased vital energy makes people feel as if they entered another level of existence and with the body weight was reduced.

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