A Mask maid in Spain claims to eliminate the Coronavirus using UV-C Rays while Breathing

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    We are able to kill the virus comfortably, while we walk down the street, breathe or speak”, says its creator. A company located in Elche (Spain) has designed a powerful UV-C ray mask that eliminates the Coronavirus while breathing.

    Apparently it could be a mask like any other, but it does not have filtering equipment. Its peculiarity resides in that it has a small chamber where a set of LED diodes eliminate any type of virus, even spores for allergy sufferers.

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    The Alicante company Technorevolution has patented a mask that can eliminate the Coronavirus while breathing through the ultraviolet light generated by the LED. It is an ordinary mask, but you can see through it.

    “It does not have filtering equipment. Inside this small chamber the LED diodes work at 222 nanometers, we attach it, and while we breathe, while the air passes, both the one we exhale and the one we inhale, in this chamber kills any type of virus”, explained Abel Martínez, founder and inventor at Technorevolution.

    With this revolutionary mask it would be possible to walk quietly down the street while eliminating the presence of Coronavirus both when inhaling and exhaling. The device works with a battery that is recharged every eight hours, allowing you to save on disposable masks and eliminating the waste they generate.

    “Nobody had thought that while we breathe we can kill the virus using a certain frequency such as ‘deep ultra violet’, which is not the typical ultraviolet. There are many frequencies of ultra violet, they all do not kill, or do not allow you to kill at high speed. The one we have chosen to put in this mask, making this little tunnel, is a frequency doped with a substance that kills the virus at the speed of milliseconds”, clarifies its founder.

    Not yet widely available

    It charges every eight hours as if it were a mobile phone and once the full charge is made, the mask will have an autonomy of another eight hours. For now it is not for sale to all public, as its objective is to distribute it to health staff such as hospitals and EMCs, but it is “an initial idea”, says the company’s co-founder, Rosa María Arenas.

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