A New Bill seeks to Limit the Contacts that Employers make with Remote working Employees Outside of Work Hours

    The project seeks to reform the current Telework Law to guarantee the so-called "digital disconnection", limiting calls, emails and WhatsApp messages

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    “Technology has made life, knowledge and communications easier for us and allows to be permanently connected, but they are affecting personal and family life, with increasingly important consequences on the health of workers,” said Deputy Aida Montiel, promoter of the project.

    Montiel added that after-hours contacts represent a violation of workers’ rest time. “If the workday ends, it ends. New technologies should contribute to redistribute work and rest times”, he added.

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    Telework is here to stay

    After years of debate, the country adopted the law that comprehensively regulates Remote work.

    According to the regulations, employers and workers must reach an agreement on:

    • Payment of electricity
    • Use of computer equipment
    • Duration of the conference
    • Work subject to telework

    Labor insurance, on the other hand, maintains the same validity even if the work is done from home. A few months into the law, the pandemic tested the ability of various sectors to adapt to remote work.

    As part of the social distancing measures, both public and private companies have promoted its development. Remote working in foreign companies stood out in this regard, since according to CINDE 98% of the service firms were working in this format.

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