Integration as the Surest Path Towards a More Equitable Global Society

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    The present world is one of great opportunities and challenges. We humans are for the first time in our common history capable of modyfing the course of global society in order to face the great shared problems and move beyond them towards the very best future imaginable, abounding with opportunity and prosperity for all and not just a few.

    Nations as the central dividing line of today’s social paradigm, shapes identities and societies. They attempt to gives a sense of belonging to individuals by having them embrace a set of values. Ethnicities can and should coexist within the culturally diversity of countries.

    Integration processes are however very slow. Among the steps taken in this regard, trade liberalization, free circulation of citizens are the most important factors seeking to embrace a philosophy of maximum integration in the shortest time interval. As such it belongs in the realm of the collective will-power for this elevated possible future among the many options ahead of us.

    maximum integration in the shortest time interval

    A this best possible future is one without extreme poverty, one of Universal access to Healthcare, Education, Water, Sanitation and Cornucopia (Food Abundance). It must necessarily be one without borders, with a World capital territory, with global institutions headquartered and a just and fair World parliament.

    The immediate question which emerges is how will the transition from the current state of affairs to a borderless World take place. This feasible Utopia must not only be well designed, but it also must then be presented to the global society in order to convey its positive powers for the good of all.

    This scenario in a narrative paradigm, designed and presented to the world audience as the best possible future, to be accomplish through spiritual elevation and receptive persuasion, with a firm conviction that it can be achieved.

    New better and alternative governance paradigms must emerge in order for societies to move forward faster and less dramatically towards global integration. The current social rhetoric is often times one of division and differentiation. A new narrative must emerge to enhance and fulfill the quest of a better life for all humans wherever they live and whoever they are, and not just a privileged few.

    Daniel Yepez
    Spiritual Entrepreneur Columnist
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