5 Viewpoints In Heredia: Live This Town From The Heights!

    You can discover the green spaces that surround houses and buildings, and at night, the lights of the city

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    Enjoying nature can be experienced in several ways and one of the most exciting is from the mountain, where we can enjoy the views of the Central Valley. With the morning light, you can discover the green spaces that surround houses and buildings, and at night, the lights of the city that adorn the view and will make you feel in a magical place. In this article, we are going to discover some viewpoints in Heredia so that you can spend a special moment contemplating the city.

    There are many places with incredible views in this province, but here we show you some of the most impressive viewpoints in Heredia. For many, these places are ideal to come with your family, your partner or your friends and enjoy a picnic or maybe a special night.

    1. San Rafael de Heredia

    The viewpoints in San Rafael de Heredia await you with their mountains, trees and the breeze of nature. At once, you can get to know the neighboring towns such as San Rafael and San Isidro de Heredia. In addition, you can take advantage and take a getaway to the Museum of Popular Culture which is only four kilometers away. After the cultural visit and the viewpoint, you can walk through Barva de Heredia, and learn more about its surroundings.

    Nearby you can find typical restaurants, some of which are viewpoints, as well as bars and pubs. There are also forests that many wander into and that sometimes include entertainment for children. It is a beautiful place to see the entire Central Valley from there.

    2. San José de la Montaña

    San José de la Montaña is a wonderful place, as it immediately transports you with its coniferous forests that whisper with the movement of the wind. Suddenly, the area surprises you with the noise of a stream or a nearby river. It is a magical place to go as a family or with your partner.

    Remember that at night the temperature drops and you will have to wear a coat and comfortable, closed shoes, to isolate the humidity. Once you visit any of the viewpoints in the area, you will be able to visit other places such as the Cerro Dantas Wildlife Refuge or the Barva Volcano. If you go to this place, remember that you can get there through the Uber app.

    3. Birrí

    The Mirador Birrí is for many one of the perfect places to go from the morning and enjoy the wonderful views of the city illuminated by the sun. A few kilometers from the center of Heredia, Birrí is a cozy and picturesque landscape where you can be in contact with the life of the humid forest and the most typical agricultural areas of Costa Rica.

    You can take a getaway to the Birrí viewpoint and discover its wonderful landscapes from the top. You can also visit some of the country sites where you will find cabins, barbecue areas, bars and restaurants that have very good views.

    4. Monte de la Cruz

    A place highly appreciated by visitors is the Monte de la Cruz. It is a natural forest area that has everything to spend a great day with the family. You can find yourself in the middle of nature, breathe fresh air and see the Central Valley, in addition to visiting a small volcanic lagoon.

    You will feel peace and freedom from there. In addition, you can take advantage of the multiple services of the place, such as a camping area, little ranches with a grill to spend the day, children’s games and a soccer field. How about getting there with your family or with your closest friends?

    5. San Isidro

    From the San Isidro viewpoint, you will be able to appreciate beautiful places and the city from above. Surround yourself in green and take a day to be in contact with nature, trees and birds, who will welcome you. This corner is relatively close to the city of San José de Costa Rica, San Rafael de Heredia and San Isidro, therefore, it is a good excuse to visit them all 3. Take advantage of the life of the streets of the area to take a break and a well-deserved rest.

    Small, but large in nature and recreational spaces, this is the province of flowers. You can visit the viewpoints of Barva de Heredia or the rest of the viewpoints in the province of Heredia that will make you fall in love with it.

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