5 Advantages of Going to the Beach For Your Health

    You are about to discover some of the health benefits of going to the beach.

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    Surely you already know the saying “For all evil, the sea, for all good, too”, so forget about the fear that everyone has when traveling, either due to lack of budget or anything else. Better go thinking about your next vacation that you have been waiting for so long, and of course, choose Costa Rica and Resonance to enjoy.

    That’s right, choose the famous beaches of Playa Hermosa Jaco to soak up that much-needed sun and, for now, stay away from bustling and congested cities. You will be amazed at how good the beach’s sunny, tropical climate will do to your physical and emotional health. You may wonder: Really? How? That’s why I share with you some of the endless benefits of going to the beach and sunbathing.

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    1. Helps you release stress

    The beach relieves you of stress. The blue factor of the sea is one of the keys to the state of relaxation, it is proven by several studies. Also the sound of the waves of the sea helps to reach your zen state due to its frequency and the harmonic sound of the waves, these activate the alpha waves of the brain, which help relaxation. In addition to recharging our energy and positive strength.

    2. Increase your defenses

    The beach increases your defenses. In addition to the previous point, sunbathing on the beach helps our cardiovascular health and increases our defenses. UV rays stimulate serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that is related to well-being. So while you sunbathe on the beach, you improve your mood.

    In these difficult times, your body needs all possible defenses to prevent any disease. The proper functioning of the immune system depends a lot on vitamin D, which is produced by the sun. T lymphocytes need this vitamin to defend our body against viruses and infections.

    3. Regenerates the skin (gives you that enviable tan)

    Contrast light vs tan skin

    Tanning on the beach.In addition to the wonderful vitamin D, going to the beach could have beneficial effects on your skin. Thanks to its rich minerals and iodine, seawater is a natural healing for people suffering from dermatitis. Massage your feet and exfoliate your skin as you walk through the sand, removing dead cells and rejuvenating your skin.

    Take your sun baths and get that perfect and enviable tan that everyone wants to have. It is essential to take care of your skin, so invest in a good sunscreen, and do not expose yourself too many hours to UV rays, remember that everything in excess is bad.

    4. Improves heart rate

    The beach improves your heart rate. If you are one of those who take long walks along the seashore, you are doing it very well. The pounding of the waves on the ankles helps to activate circulation, as it acts as a massage effect.

    Strengthen your muscles and joints by swimming in the sea, or simply let the pounding of the waves relax them. The next time you go to the beach, swim and walk by the sea, in addition to the incredible views that you will appreciate, your heart rate will improve.

    5. Strengthen your bones

    We already talked about how good vitamin D does your body, but there is more! This vitamin plays a very important role so that calcium is well fixed in our bones and teeth. Every time you tan, you are strengthening your bone system. Simply incredible!.

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