42 Guanacaste Agricultural Farms Receive the Ecological Blue Flag Award

    Agricultural Category promotes the conservation of natural resources

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    This year, 719 agricultural farms throughout the country receive the award in the Agricultural Category of the Ecological Blue Flag Program, in recognition of the effort in the application of practices for the sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural production, a process in which They have had the support and technical assistance of the Extension Agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

     This recognition in the Agricultural category, which the MAG awards for the eleventh consecutive year, presents a significant increase since its inception in 2012. It went from 11 to 719 agricultural companies, which make important contributions to the sustainability of food systems.

    Good agricultural and livestock practices

    The companies that receive this award are located in the 8 regions of the country and carry out various activities, such as dairy and meat farming, poultry and pork production, vegetables, coffee and fruits, among others.  They are characterized by carrying out good agricultural and livestock practices that opt ​​for the Agricultural Blue Flag (BAA) category, in the responsible management of waste, responsible and rational use of agrochemicals, reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels, saving of electrical energy, projection social, business to the community and animal welfare, all in order to achieve a balance between the environment, production and social well-being.

     It should be noted that the Agricultural Category promotes the conservation of natural resources present in productive systems and stimulates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as greater adaptation of productive systems to the effects of climate change.

    Benefiting the environment and the health of the community

     The Ecological Blue Flag Program was created in December 1995 as an initiative of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) and rewards the voluntary effort, teamwork and organization of civil society in its different areas, for the benefit of the environment and the health of the community. population.  Currently, the program includes recognition in 20 categories.

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