121,000 Americans Have Made Costa Rica Their Home

    According to the US State Department, more than 121,000 Americans currently live in Costa Rica

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    According to the United Nations, the emigrant population of Costa Rica comes from at least 35 different countries around the world, of which Nicaragua is the most representative. In this specific aspect, other nations such as Cuba, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and the United States also stand out.

    approximately 121,000 thousand US citizens

    Today Costa Rica is home to approximately 121,000 thousand US citizens. They have made it known over time that their favorite cantons to work, develop and live are Pérez Zeledón and San José.

     Another important fact that we cannot miss through this material is that said group of US citizens are part of the third most important group of immigrants in our country, only below Colombians and Nicaraguans.

    As additional information, it is appropriate to note that most of these citizens are between 25 and 29 years old or less. What undoubtedly makes this group a good part of a young, effective, active and beneficial population for the country.

    Breakdown in figures

    The numbers represent that 41% of these foreigners are with children. While there is a percentage of 42% of US foreigners who have more than 12 years working in our country. Finally, 19% is represented by pensioners and retirees.

    How is your life? Main occupations or jobs

    Most of these have been dedicated to the educational area or activities related to the administrative and commercial sectors. Not all people who wish to travel to Costa Rica need a tourist visa, this aspect, in general, will depend on their nationality.

    Another aspect that turns out to be important, and that has led many Americans to decide on Costa Rica as a country to live in, is that US citizens do not require an entry visa. The only requirements are to have a valid, current passport and a ticket to leave the country in the next 90 days after entry.In this particular case, as tourists, if citizens from the United States decide to stay for a period greater than 90 days, they must already opt for a residence permit.


    Costa Rica is a country that has countless contrasts, the large cities linked to majestic buildings and imposing cities mix with the landscapes and rich vegetation of this land of grace.

    This is how this group of Americans who have made Costa Rica their home today contribute to the proper development not only of cantons such as Pérez Zeledón and San José. They have also managed to highlight other places such as Santa Cruz, Santa Ana, Escazú and Alajuela.

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