XII Edition of “Corre por mi ” will be Virtual in October

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    Under the slogan “You are your own challenge”, the XII edition of the traditional race “Corre por mi” (Run for me) will be held virtually in 2020, due to the distancing protocols required by health authorities, due to the Pandemic.

    On this occasion, the initiative will go throughout the month of October and will add new disciplines such as cycling and swimming, with the aim of bringing more people closer to the awareness campaign against cancer.

    Registration has already started and will be open until October 31. It has a value of ₵ 3,000 for all sports disciplines and what varies are the distances, for example: Athletics 5K-10K-15K-21K / Cycling 20K-60K / Swimming 1000M / Walk 2K-5K / Children’s race 1K .

    There are two forms of registration, the virtual one, on the official Corre por mi site, and the physical one, in the Extremos stores in Multiplaza del Este and Multiplaza Escazú.

    Día Mundial del Cáncer de Mama - Actualidad NebrijaActualidad Nebrija

    To register

    • Enter
    • Have a credit / debit card on hand to make the payment.
    • Choose the sports discipline.
    • Choose additional implements such as caps, shirts, cloth, etc. (Extra cost upon registration).
    • You will receive an email with the instructions to upload the times.
    • Once the above is done, the selected distance can be made on the preferred day and time. When finished, you must record the time with a smart watch or the Strava, Garmin or similar phone app.

    It is important to clarify that this year, the packages will be delivered on dates and times determined by the organization, either in Extremos stores or by shipping through Correos de Costa Rica. The medals will be delivered after the event to each of the participants who have acquired them.

    On October 31, the organization will have a virtual closing event with various sports, recreational and health activities, through its social networks, with the participation of sponsors and special guests

    According to Marcela Marquéz, organizer of “Corre por mi”, “our objective of raising awareness about the early detection of cancer, comprehensive health care and timely quality treatment remains firm despite the situation that the country is experiencing due to COVID-19. At this time, we must help patients not to abandon their treatment and go to their therapies. For this reason, we invite all people to join the new format of “Corre por mi” and save lives “.

    After eleven years of its foundation, around 70 thousand people have participated in “Corre por mi”, the quality of life of more than 65 thousand patients was impacted directly and indirectly and the funds donated amount to more than 170 million colones, which have benefited NGOs such as the Women in Pink Association, the Resurgir Association, the Fundacancer Foundation, the Choose Living Foundation, ANASOVI, the Costa Rica Tour Rosa Association (now the United Against Cancer Foundation) and the Metamorphosis Association.

    Donations to NGOs have supported programs such as patient navigation, early cancer detection workshops, inside and outside the GAM; purchase of equipment for the rehabilitation area of ​​the Calderón Guardia Hospital; mammography and ultrasound studies, to communities in vulnerable situations, among other actions, which makes the initiative a success story.

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    Against breast cancer

    “Corre por mi” seeks to contribute through targeted actions to the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer. However, given that each year about 18.1 million new cases of cancer are detected in the world and 9.6 million deaths (according to the World Health Organization, 2018), now it focuses on the fight against the different manifestations of said disease.

    According to data from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), 1,320 new cases of breast cancer are detected annually in Costa Rica, one of the most common in the female population.

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