World Gym Costa Rica: 15 Years in the Fitness Business

    The Staff's Enthusiasm and Professionalism Assures a High-Quality Service to Customers

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    World Gym Costa Rica is setting long tablecloths and in May it will celebrate its 15 years operating in the country, where it has been a pioneer in the development of body fitness. To thank their customers for their preference and loyalty, the celebration program will include promotions, royalties, and special activities.

    World Gym is 15 years operating in Costa Rica.
    World Gym Costa Rica logo

    Throughout the month of May enrollment will be free and the rest of the year will offer a 15% discount on enrollment to new members. In addition, all active members will be given a cloth with the commemorative logo for the holiday.

    “It will be celebrated in a very special way with a monthly calendar of exclusive activities such as competitions in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, special yoga and pilates classes with several trainers simultaneously and combining alternative modalities such as fabrics”, commented Andy Rodríguez, Fitness coordinator of World Gym Costa Rica.

    Open-air indoor cycling classes will also be offered and there will be live music, among others. Each year the team is responsible for innovating with training systems and this year, in mid-year, group training classes will be released. The previous year they established the HIIT system and it turned out to be one of the preferred classes by the partners.

    It has invested in the purchase of more land. Now it has 10 thousand square meters of facilities and parking. The wet area was extended with the steam room + jacuzzi. World Gym evolved as a fitness center or Wellness Center, where customers can count on complementary services such as sports medicine, nutrition, complemented by the food area, which has more space and variety on the menu.

    World Gym Costa Rica has many facilities and and excellent staff.
    World Gym entrance to the parking area

    They also opened the store for clothing and promotional items of the brand, in addition to having the Good Life store within the facilities. The Motion Physiotherapy Clinic, which specializes in the personalized attention of orthopedic and sports injuries, recently started operations, using strategies and tools with high international standards.

    Among the most profitable resources, the physical-cognitive re-adaptation is highlighted, which consists of applying sports gestures combined with kinetic sensors (fitlight trainer); the athlete manages to de-link the pain pattern to the movement by accelerating his return to sport or physical activity.

    On the other hand, for the prevention of injuries and performance improvement in long distance runners, the computerized analysis of the race is applied, a 3D biomechanical test that allows knowing in detail the conditions that approach the runner to an injury or could

    World Gym San José
    Workout area at World Gym San José

    potentially be affecting his athletic performance.

    Soon in the anniversary month, they will inaugurate a cryo-therapy room, with state-of-the-art technology, which is a cold natural therapy that involves submerging the body in nitrogen at temperatures between -130 ° C and -180 ° C, very popular for its regenerative benefits, among others.

    In this 15th anniversary they celebrated the award for Best World Gym Gym in Latin America, a prize they received in Las Vegas recently, as well as being the best Fitness Center and Wellness Center in Central America and the Caribbean. In Costa Rica, World Gym became the 1st chain of international franchise gyms that started operations in the country, since 2003 in the west of the capital and offers its members more than 100 classes per week.

    “The key lies in the enthusiasm of our employees, which goes hand in hand with our main mission that our clients train in our gym not for obligation but for pleasure and enjoyment, since they live a pleasant experience”, concluded Andy Rodríguez.

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