Woman Had Orgasm During Childbirth and Tells How She Could Achieve It

    A 36-year-old pregnant woman says that she was able to achieve this sensation with her third birth and revealed that she did not want it to end

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    Orgasm for women is something difficult to achieve; however, Hanna Faustino, 36, says she felt like she was climaxing during labor. The mother, who has just given birth to her third daughter Kaiya, said that being able to enter this state was made possible thanks to prenatal yoga classes, the process being pleasant and painless.

    “During labor, I gave my mind to my body and had the same sensations of an orgasm. It was very natural to push and the contractions didn’t feel as painful. I had this fullness and I didn’t want the feeling to stop. I was looking for pleasure,” the woman said.

    Hanna Faustino said that 9 years ago the birth of her first child was long and painful. “It was harder than a marathon and I’ve run many,” she said.

    Already for her second pregnancy, she decided to contact childbirth coach Jannine Marko, who taught prenatal yoga classes that help pregnant women prepare for a painless birth through the use of movement, toning and breathing techniques and exercises.

    The hormones working for themselves

    “If you allow the hormones of childbirth to work for themselves, then a woman can enter a state of happiness. So the pain is not so intense because the endorphins flow and there is no fear. Endorphins are said to be 10 times stronger than morphine if you can make them work for yourself,” Markou said.

    For this reason, Hanna turned to Markou again to help her prepare for the arrival of her third child. In labor, the 36-year-old woman chose to lie on her side with her leg raised, instead of squatting.

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