Within the Framework of its 10th Anniversary, Essential Costa Rica Presents Strategy for 2035

    Country Brand Strategy was launched at the B2B Forum, an event in which the licensing community shares good practices and trends

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    Create strong messages focused on climate change and sustainability through the Natural Intelligence concept. This is the route that Esencial Costa Rica will follow with a view to the year 2035 in national and international audiences, in accordance with the strategy that the Country Brand announced on the afternoon of this Monday, October 23, within the framework of its 10th anniversary. at the B2B Forum event.

    According to the President of the Country Brand Committee and General Manager of PROCOMER, Laura López, Costa Rica already enjoys an important position in climate change and environmental preservation, which is why this strategy will capitalize on what the country has built with concrete actions to enhance the international image and promote the implementation of strategies that consolidate Costa Rica’s leadership in these issues.

    Great decisions

    “Costa Rica has made great decisions over the years, such as betting on sustainability for several decades. We demonstrate that there is no contradiction between the environment and economic growth and we implement innovative laws and programs, such as payment for environmental services. Since then, our GDP has grown hand in hand with our forests, which is why we are going to continue betting on those actions that have already achieved success and that, we are sure, will continue to position us as leaders in these issues worldwide,” he stated. Lopez.

    The strategy for the next decade was developed after an analysis of global metatrends that allow defining the topics that will continue to be relevant in the future. Likewise, sessions were held with Costa Rican actors from different public and private spheres that included business chambers, academia, health , tourism, among others. This analysis was developed by Bloom Consulting, a firm specialized in Nation Branding, which analyzed through a new methodology called “Nation Brand Taxonomy Model”.

    Adriana Acosta, Director of the country brand Esencial Costa Rica, explained that the “Nation Brand Taxonomy Model” analyzes 13 categories that define the perception of a country and identifies key perceptions and actions required to build on those values. “The study analyzed risks and opportunities for the Country Brand, highlighting certain strategic categories, which are also oriented towards global metatrends, where climate change is and will continue to be an issue with great relevance worldwide and where Costa Rica has many achievements. what to share,” Acosta mentioned.

    For these reasons, Esencial Costa Rica’s 2035 vision will focus on the narrative on the aforementioned topics. “This is the opportunity to continue building on the positive image of Costa Rica, to differentiate ourselves from the narrative of other country brands in the world and to achieve international media coverage, since we have tangible facts in these areas, which allow us to consolidate ourselves as that country. leader on climate change and sustainability issues,” Acosta added.

    10th anniversary of Essential Costa Rica

    This 2023 marks 10 years since the launch of the Essential Costa Rica country brand as a tool to encourage the country’s positive reputation to promote tourism, exports and investments. In these 10 years, the Brand has built a prestigious image at a national and international level, supported by multiple achievements and recognitions that have left their mark on this history.

    A license community with more than 700 companies committed to values ​​that increase their business competitiveness, recognitions that celebrate the strategic vision of the brand, named the Country Brand of the year at the City Nation Place Awards London 2019, as well as the 4th best Country Brand in tourism and 9th best in business in 2022, and even an internationally celebrated project such as the design of the biometric passport of Costa Rica – an innovative initiative that shows the world the Costa Rican essence; These are just some of the milestones achieved that have managed to position Costa Rica as one of the leading countries in excellence and sustainability.

    The celebration of this 10th anniversary of the Country Brand was held within the framework of the B2B Forum, a space created to share experiences and best practices with the more than 700 companies that make up the Esencial Costa Rica license community.

    This year, the forum featured Costa Rican exhibitors who stand out nationally and internationally and who represent the country brand’s values ​​of excellence, innovation, sustainability, Costa Rican ties and social progress. Such is the case of Miguel Álvarez, CEO of With Robots and Global CTO of AnalogFolk Group; Adriana Echandi, CEO of Morpho Travel Experience; Álvaro Luque, President and CEO of Avocados from México; Fernando Castro, Vice President and CEO of Blue Zones Nicoya; and Luis Mastroeni, Director of Corporate Relations and Sustainability at Cooperativa de Productos de Leche R.L – Dos Pinos. Likewise, ambassadors of the Country Brand participated in the B2B Forum telling their story and relationship with the Brand.

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