With “Tiquetes de la Esperanza” they hope to Reactivate Sodas and Restaurants in Santa Cruz

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    The sodas and restaurants of the canton of Santa Cruz in Guanacaste will have valuable support and encouragement to keep their businesses open, generate links with local producers and encourage the attraction of local and national customers.

    Private enterprise are the ambassadors of this project in favor of merchants in various communities of Santa Cruz. This is one of several initiatives of the Reactivemos la Esperanza project (“Let’s reactivate hope”).  created by Desarrollo Humano Estratégico (DHE), which seeks the economic reactivation of local businesses in an innovative, creative and supportive way, support workers in the tourism sector who have lost their jobs.

    Various private companies will contribute seed capital for the execution of said initiative and will carry out a campaign to encourage economic donations through technological platforms among its condominium owners, hotel guests, collaborators and the general community, as to donate $ 35 a Tiquetes de la Esperanza” (“Ticket of Hope”), which is equivalent to 10 meal times (breakfasts-lunches) that can be exchanged at sodas and stores affiliated with the “Reactivamos la Esperanza” initiative.

    “The current situation gives us an opportunity to show our solidarity, consolidate efforts with social organizations and companies to reactivate the local economy and support families in vulnerable conditions even before the affectation by  COVID-19”, indicated an organization spokesperson.

    Support for families with the greatest need

    TheCanasta de la Esperanza” project will extend for three more months  delivering basic food items to 100 families in the canton of Santa Cruz. On average it will benefit 400 people, this will be possible thanks to the alliance with the Fundación Tiempos de Esperanza” and the support logistics for the selection of beneficiaries of the “Juntos por Guanacaste” network.

    In this second stage, an analysis was carried out to benefit people with the greatest needs and who respond to vulnerable groups: the elderly population, families with members that have disabilities, households headed by women and those affected by unemployment.

    To avoid duplication in the beneficiaries of both initiatives, cross information from members of Juntos por Guanacaste, Guanacaste Tourism Chamber and the National Emergency Commission will be taken as a reference.

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