Why Your Friend Had a Bad Experience with Kambo

    There Could Be Many Possible Reasons

    First of all, let’s just put it out there that the medicines are for everyone; everyone is not for the medicines.


    There could be many reasons why your friend had a bad experience with this Teacher.

    Maybe they were not ready or willing to let go of the comfortable pain cycle they were in. The ego often likes to stay in that familiar place without change and growth. Just the acknowledgement of that can make it easier to give ourselves permission to surrender.

    Surrendering has characteristics of the WATER element. To give permission to surrender is to flow like the waters that wash away our old selves.


    This is one of the most important elements. If the facilitator cannot provide a container, sacred space, and that “feeling” healing energy of SAFETY. The deep work cannot even begin. To step into a vulnerable place to release trauma and heal, one needs to feel safe. Bottom line!

    Safety can relate to the FIRE element. Fire can warm our bodies and souls when we respect it. So much healing and lessons come from sitting in front of the fire. Next time you’re in front of the fire, tune into your heart space and check in with your feelings.


    When there is not a connection with the facilitator, there will be challenges. I am talking about another necessary connection; I am speaking about a connection with the spirit of Kambo. It is a type of connection like the one you have with a loved one, a teacher, a mentor or that amazing song or book you love so deeply.

    No one can tell you what that looks or feels like. However, it is the facilitator’s duty to introduce you in the right way. They are not just applying the medicine to a patient; they are assuming the position of a teacher and guide. You should be walking away with wisdom and allies, feeling connected to something new, but so, so familiar. The facilitator guides you into discovering answers by coming into contact and connecting with your own Soul’s wisdom.

    Connection can assume the element of WOOD. If you have ever feeling dis-connected, ungrounded or anxious. Hug a tree, touch a tree and truly connect with the element of wood. Bring your awareness to how you feel touching wood and the ease it brings your soul. Connection is so deeply imbedded in our souls but it can be easy to forget. Remember that all wood carriers the spirit that fuels our fire. I bet there is a table, a cabinet or floor made out of wood in your immediate surroundings. Acknowledge it. Thank it. Connect.


    Intention. Intention. Intention. I cannot say this enough. Intentions are a huge element of everyday life. This element will initiate ceremony long before the medicine touches your skin. It is what gives you that warrior strength to sit up and breath through your journey. It is what pushes you to continue to come back and make those changes and drop negative habits to show up better for everyone you care for. Including yourself. Intention cuts right through any force between you and your goals. Just like the element of METAL; your intention cannot be broken only strengthened and molded by your fuel and your fire. It is your badge, your shield, and your sword. Use it to fight.


    This is the most important element hands down. Integration is necessary to grow. It is the homework given to us by the teachers. If we do not finish that homework, study and show up for the next class or for that big test. We fail. We fall behind and get buried with more homework. Ultimately quitting and not receiving the wisdom we could’ve achieved. It takes journaling, contemplation, dedication and perseverance. We only get answers when we ask questions. It is up to us what we do with those answers. It is up to us to apply the lessons we learn in our lives. Let’s respect the Teachers by listening to them just like we respect and listen to our Mother. Yes, the Earth.

    Integration represents the EARTH element. Everything returns to the earth. Death is part of the cycle with all elements present to start life again. The seed sprouts from the earth through the soil and grows into a beautiful flower. The Earth is in all of us and is needed to grow. Just as integration is necessary to our spiritual growth.

    I have yet to see someone have a bad experience with Kambo when these 5 elements are present. There is also much more that goes into the overall HEALING process and growth of an individual but I will save that for another time.

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    VIATCRN Staff
    SOURCEScott Pothill
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