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    Why Your Friend Had a Bad Experience with Kambo

    First of all, let’s just put it out there that the medicines are for everyone; everyone is not for the medicines.

    The Struggle to Saving Our Environment in Costa Rica

    Each entrepreneur in Costa Rica has a unique success because most of them have a purpose to work for the defense of the environment,...

    A Homecoming to Community and Mother Earth

    In today’s fast-paced life we are entangled in a whirlwind, where we get spun off center and completely intoxicated with stress and anxiety.  We...

    Reforestation in Costa Rica: An Authentic Contribution to Saving Our Planet

    For many years in Costa Rica, a lot of ecological activities has been promoted with the purpose of educating and generating greater awareness of...

    Bolivia Created Law That Considers Mother Earth a Living System

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) Latin America - The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, recently enacted a law that proclaims the creation of Defensoría...
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