Sloth Photobombs Students in Woodlands of Costa Rica

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    This critter was ready for its closeup!

    A sloth with impeccable timing poked its head directly in front of a camera lens as the device snapped an image, creating what may be the world’s cutest “photobomb.”

    “Photobomb” is the word used to describe a photograph in which someone – or something – unexpectedly jumps into the frame, ruining the photo.

    Students on an expedition in Costa Rica reported the animal appeared out of nowhere, then flung itself into their group shot.

    “I clicked the button as fast as I could, not that he was going anywhere fast,” said Manuel Ramirez, an anthropologist and tour guide, told Caters News Agency.

    The group was in Costa Rica on an International Student Volunteers mission. Volunteers were cutting paths in the jungle when they stopped to capture the moment.

    Sloths are known for being slow-moving creatures, and some who’ve seem the image have cast doubts on its authenticity.

    So is the snap too good to be true? Could the meandering creature have plopped into the frame with the speed and agility necessary to create the image?

    Is it a computer trick or the real deal?

    Ramirez and the volunteers stand by their claim that the animal was simply a surprise guest with a taste for the spotlight.

    By Rosanne Salvatore / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

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