Why Should We Live in Gratitude?

    The attitude of gratitude leads us to a world of grace, of plenitude, full of “gifts” to be grateful for

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    Gratitude recognizes and honors the wise nature that hides behind each form, whether material, such as a person or a fact, for example; or energetic, such as intentions, feelings, etc. There are those who materialize this energy, making it more “tangible” in their daily lives, expressing themselves in various ways and inspiring others through this “impulse of gratitude” to be more grateful to themselves, to the environment, to the planet, to consciousness itself (Gaia), etc. Generally these are people hired with this principle of evolutionary consciousness.

    Quality of consciousness

    What would the world be like without this quality of consciousness? How could we interrelate and evolve as a species? Finding the correct answer would be impossible since the world, as we know it, could not exist, we would not have been able to evolve as a species to what it is today without this principle, which is why it is fundamental for us: in order to evolve, both As people and as a species in general, express gratitude in our daily lives.

    Through gratitude we recognize ourselves as impermanent beings: we remember that there is always a “before now” and an “after now”, and that they occur and interconnect only in the “now”. Neither the past, present, nor future hold meaning individually, but only when put together in a timeless line that evokes the eternal “present,” which, in turn, evokes gratitude. Therefore it is infinite, there will literally always be a new present and therefore there will always be something to feel grateful for.


    On the other hand, gratitude, firmly anchored in equanimity, that is, in that capacity for imperturbability that we have (not allowing the environment to alter our interior), eliminates egocentric thinking (centered on oneself) to replace it with a thought integrated and integral that transcends the levels of consciousness and allows us to deeply understand that life is a gift, not a burden nor a lesson.If the only prayer we said throughout our lives was “THANK YOU”, it would be enough: it is the highest, most elegant and clearest version of the spiritual path.

    Although gratitude is expressed in very personal ways: there are those who usually give thanks for the new day, for food, for family, etc. being constantly aware of the small reasons why it is perceived that life is a gift, on the other hand there are those who in their daily lives live less attentive to these details and more attentive to actions of service to the community or the environment, for example, and that is their way of expressing gratitude to life. No matter what, the important thing is to live in gratitude.

    To do this, the most direct way to achieve this is through the practice of mindfulness. That is, bringing awareness to the present moment and reflecting on the reasons and all the factors that make up our moment for which we must expand our gratitude.

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