Why Real Estate Investments Are Attracting the Attention of Millennials

    Those under 40 years of age are investing more and more in real estate, with the idea of being able to achieve superior and fruitful returns

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    Millennials have changed their view of financial success.  It is no longer simply about securing long-term employment, moving up the corporate ladder, having comfortable savings or thinking about retirement.  Their financial behaviors reflect the challenges of having unstable jobs in the early stages of their career paths, as well as a lack of financial knowledge that prevents them from making appropriate investment decisions.According to a Business Insider report, significantly more millennials believe that investing in real estate generates superior returns.


    Currently, purchasing a home is considered essential for saving, but once purchased, it involves significant payments that reduce the ability to save.  However, if the home is purchased as an investment, it could generate income from rentals, allowing you to reserve capital and, at the same time, pay off the debt on the property without compromising current sources of income.

    Thanks to this, a study by American Modern Insurance Group showed that 86% of millennials aim to become private property owners at some point in their lives, which is generating an increase in the availability of investment options in real estate.

    “By having multiple digital tools at their disposal, this generation has agreater access to information, and to platforms that significantly influence decision-makingtheir decisions.  So, millennials now use technology, data and advicefrom experts, three aspects that together allow them to feel confidence and stability at “when it comes to investing for the long term” says Juliana Vásquez, Senior Investment Consultant at Colliers Colombia.

    On the other hand, Vásquez emphasized that the retail sector is another excellent opportunity for millennials, as they are new to the world of investments and want to diversify beyond the residential sector.

    Millennials are not only interested in making tangible investments, since sometimes their purchasing power can represent a barrier to carrying them out.  That’s why in recent years there has been a rise in online investments, such as real estate crowdfunding, which allows this generation to invest in real estate with a smaller initial capital.  Another online strategy is real estate titling, which involves raising funds through these platforms.


    Colliers Colombia describes real estate crowdfunding as a method of raising funds, where many people invest small amounts in a real estate investment project and have the opportunity to obtain profits in the short and medium term.  This form of financing allows investors to become shareholders in a property.

     “Millennials are a generation with significant income inequality.   For this reason, they look for two main forces to build financial stability:savings and investment.  They do this through tangible assets such as investing in goodsroots or intangible way by investing in the stock market, crowdfunding, fundsinvestment and shares in cryptocurrencies” explained the spokesperson for Colliers Colombia.


    When we refer to tokenization, we are talking about digitally representing an asset on the blockchain network, thus transferring ownership, rights or benefits to the holders of the tokens that represent said asset.

    In short, technology plays a crucial role, as intangible investments provide flexibility, diversity and reduced costs.  For this generation, investing a small amount of money in a crowdfunded property and enjoying the benefits of returns on their share is very attractive.

     “Millennials believe in immediate investment and creating community,” explains Vásquez, Senior Investment Consultant at Colliers Colombia.In this way, taking advantage of available technologies, paths are opened in the field of collaborative investments, investing in large-scale real estate projects, with the aim of finding financial stability.

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