Why Do We Get Sick?

How Our Emotions and What We Eat Affect Our Health

Doctors do not know what name to put on the diseases which multiply like fungi after rain. Diseases increase every day and the human race lives in the uncertainty of life. Diseases of all kind affect humanity in such a way that, today, it is very difficult to find a totally healthy person.

The importance of a healthy diet

The natural way of eating was replaced by improper forms as humanity shifted towards industrialization, bringing negative consequences to the health of the human race. It is a mistake to believe that our organisms necessarily need animal protein to get strength and resistance. On the contrary, eating meats alter the nervous system in such a way that can cause organic malfunctions that could even be fatal.

Grilled meat on a loaf of bread
Grilled meat on a loaf of bread

People consume meat in abundance and believe that it is indispensable for the maintenance of physical stamina. In addition, alcohol and tobacco are the inseparable companions of the carnivorous regime. These 3 enemies of public health struggle inseparably and, in one effort to destroy the happiness of a home, cause premature deaths.

In addition, there are many people who say that meat is essential for the stamina and health of the human being. But this is not so because it means that a food damaging health cannot at the same time benefit the organism.  Meat contains uric acid in abundance. That is why it makes humans suffer from diseases such as gout and rheumatism among others.

Of course, there are other foods and beverages that affect health. But here we mention the 3 that stand out so that our readers are put on their guard against these enemies.

Other fundamental causes of diseases

The violation of nature’s laws brings disease and death as a consequence. No doubt that it steals the joy and happiness of many homes. Many people are left crying without knowing exactly the root cause of what happened.

To avoid these diseases, you must be temperate in eating and drinking, choosing only healthy and nutritious foods that can help your health.

In different diseases, there are different causes that produce them. The physical condition is one of the factors. However, we also have the wrong kinds of food, inappropriate breathing, the psychics, and negative feelings.

Sporty women
Sporty women

Most of all, diseases are caused by emotional imbalances, since most diseases are due to confusions self-reflection. When this is so, they affect the muscular system and the lungs. As a curious fact, when the disorders come from bad temper, the heart, the liver, the respiratory system, and the blood vessels are affected.

Factors and causes of diseases

Among all these factors, it can be said that obesity is one of the risk factors that can cause a heart attack. There is also the excessive consumption of alcohol that would cause you to suffer from hypertension. In fact, it increases your blood cholesterol levels, and also increases the risk for the development of a coronary heart disease.

 With regard to risk factors, we can say that circumstances or situations may increase the chances of a person to getting a disease. There are also some modifiable factors that can help you reduce the risk of those diseases.

How to avoid diseases with a balanced diet that includes many vegetables

To protect our body from diseases, we must consume vegetables, as they are a direct protector of the bloodstream. It is ideal to make children eat vegetables in order to obtain the multiple benefits they offer.

Strawberry Romaine salad
Strawberry Romaine salad

For children adapting to eating vegetables must be first of all a fun process that provides security and comfort, that is to say, that they think they are playing and having fun, so it is advisable to always eat at the table or the usual place where food is served at home. The meal hours should be developed in an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, and kindness. In this way, food should be associated with a positive event.

It is very important that the whole family eats vegetables. In this case, it should also be ratified, whenever possible, how important and healthy it is to consume vegetables. Also, all the benefits that these foods provide, since the vegetables carry with them a variety of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients necessary for day-to-day activities.

That is why we invite you to prepare delicious meals with healthy ingredients. They will also help you achieve a more integral wellness.

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