10 beliefs about alcohol that are false

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    The occasional ingestion of alcoholic drinks is very common, especially among young people. Many drink these under certain beliefs that are not correct.

    Most worrisome are that these beliefs are often associated with what is known as myths, that is they are false truths that we like to believe to justify our actions or decisions.

    “We have taken on the task of identifying the 10 myths most commonly associated with the consumption of alcohol and we have identified that as a common factor, they are all justifications that people use when they eat improperly or lose control of their actions,” said Monica Solorzano, executive director of Educalcohol Costa Rica.

    MYTH # 1: There is nothing wrong with going over the limit of drinks occasionally. This is totally false. Taking excessive, even in occasionally manner,  can cause serious damage to the body. It is important to remember that women should not exceed 2 drinks per occasion and men should not exceed 3.

    MYTH # 2: Eating a lot before drinking will keep you sober. A hoax! The food will only delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood, but a full stomach does not prevent you from feeling the effects of alcohol or getting drunk.

    MYTH # 3: You will get drunk faster if you drink distilled spirits instead of wine or beer. Lie! A drink is a drink, no matter if it is a distilled liquor such as vodka or rum, or wine or beer. They all contain the same concentration of alcohol.

    MYTH # 4: Combining drinks like beer, wine or other drinks will affect you more than if you take a single type of liquor. No way. The concentration of alcohol in the blood is the same, that does not vary with the type of alcoholic beverage that you consume, and that’s what counts.

    MYTH # 5: Women can tolerate the same amount of alcohol than men. That is totally false. Women reach a higher level of alcohol in their blood than men after drinking the same amount, have the same weight and height, and this happens because they have less body water and fewer enzymes in the liver to process alcohol.

    MYTH # 6: Alcohol gives you energy. Lie! Alcohol is a depressant system and inadequate doses decrease the ability to think, talk and move. Perception, coordination, and judgment may be affected before there is a sign of physical disability.

    MYTH # 7: You sleep better after a few drinks. Another incorrect statement. Alcohol can put you to sleep for being depressed, but it interferes with sleep quality and prevents your rest from being refreshing.

    MYTH # 8: A cold shower, dance, sweat or a cup of coffee will help you sober faster. This is one of the most common lies associated with alcohol consumption. Those things make you feel awake and help to disguise drunkenness, but only time and proper hydration will remove drunkenness.

    MYTH # 9: Alcohol makes the sexiest people and helps them to be more sexually capable. Alcoholic beverages may create less reserved individuals or prevent timidity, but it physiologically reduces sexual performance. Substance abuse also exposes people to risky behaviors such as unprotected sex.

    MYTH # 10: If someone passes out after drinking, it is better to let them sleep. Watch out! A person intoxicated by alcohol may endanger your life and it is important to receive medical treatment.

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