Free bicycle parking, to forget about the traffic

    Parking lot on Paseo Colon wants to encourage alternate modes of transportation

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    The desperate traffic jams of the last few days – and the absence of solutions by the authorities – make one look for alternatives on their own to help reduce the problem.

    This is the case of the parking lot San Miguel Arcangel at Paseo Colon in San Jose. With “Traveling to work by bike,” they are trying to help change society.  How? By caring for your bicycle, everyday, all day.

    Erick Rojas, the parking lot manager, explained that the initiative started this week and the idea is to promote the use of alternative transportation and exercise.

    “The initiative comes with the idea of improving society, because people spend many hours in traffic jams and we have noticed that riding bikes saves time and brings many other benefits,” said Rojas.

    The parking lot is located on Paseo Colon, on the streets 32 and 34 and 42nd Avenue (i.e. 200 meters south of KFC).

    They plan to include changing rooms and shower service this week so that people can go straight to their jobs.

    “The parking lot is open 24 hours a day. We are starting with an approximate 10 hours of care, taking into account the working hours of the bike riders. At the moment, we have the ability to take care of 6 bikes,” said Rojas. They hope to expand their capacity in the next few weeks.

    The place is equipped with security cameras and staff dedicated 100% to the care of trucks, and now, bikes.

    “We are not interested in profiting from this. What we want to do is make an impact on society to be able to get rid of the traffic jams and make people feel more comfortable,” stated Rojas.

    The business stresses the benefits of bicycles:

    • Riding a bicycle to work is a form of exercise, and is a good way to convert exercise into a habit.
    • It is less expensive. Leaving the car at home means saving substantially on fuel.
    • Less pollution. The bicycle is a mode of transportation that is very sustainable. Their emissions of CO2 are null.
    • Releases stress. Nothing is comparable to driving to work and being stuck in a traffic jam for an hour.


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