What Is ‘Skin Cycling’?

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    The ‘Skin Cycling’ is a modification of the night facial routine, proposed by the dermatologist Whitney Bowe. This consists of cyclically alternating the following products:

    • Hydroxy acids

    • Retinoids

    • Repair products

    What is the idea behind this modality of ‘Skin Cycling’?

    The idea is that we can use active ingredients from hydroxy acids and retinol. These are chemical exfoliants, with the indication and low concentrations without causing us much irritation, leaving days of rest and repair to our skin so that it does not suffer adverse effects.

    And how do I do ‘Skin Cycling’?

    The procedure would be to apply the following in the night routine:

    Night 1- Apply chemical exfoliants after washing the face and, as a second step, moisturizers.

    Night 2- Place retinoids after washing the face. We can also place moisturizers afterwards.

    Night 3- On this night of rest, we wash the face and apply a repairing product such as hyaluronic acid or well-moisturizing products with ceramides. Tonight is very important to let the skin so that we do not alter the skin barrier and damage, and also not alter the skin’s microbiome, which are the good skin bacteria that balance it.

    What benefits does this ‘Skin Cycling’ routine bring?

    We dermatologists have a lot of scientific and medical evidence that this peel improves fine lines. In addition to improving anti-aging and the skin barrier, and helping with blemishes, open pores, among others. It also stabilizes the fat glands of the skin, improving the oiliness of the skin and its brightness.

    What do we not want to happen in this daily routine -alarm signs- that you should pause this procedure?

    • Profuse scaling

    • Redness

    • Burning irritation

    What kind of moisturizers can I choose in this ‘Skin Cycling’?

    You should choose products that are rich in hydration. I would not recommend using hyaluronic acid, because at low molecular weight it can be irritating. So the ideal would be with the following components:

    • Ceramide

    • Panthenol

    This type of night routine is recommended for skin with aging, blemishes, acne-prone or combination skin.

    Remember: The warning signs that we do not want on our skin is when we have adverse effects. If you want a ‘Skin Cycling’ more adapted to your skin type, you can consult a trusted dermatologist.

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