What is body shame? The Search for The Ideal Body Expands

    Social networks are a tool that maximizes continuous comparison

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    In today’s digital world, criticism of physical appearance, known as “Body Shaming,” manifests itself as a dark shadow that spreads across online platforms, intensifying its impact just as people set their New Year’s resolutions.

    This practice, which involves judging and shaming others based on their physical appearance, not only has ancient roots, but has also been accentuated in the virtual sphere, especially in the context of the mental health crisis associated with the pandemic.

    What is Body Shaming?

    “Body Shaming” is a form of criticism focused on a person’s physical appearance. It includes negative comments and shame, which can have profound consequences on the self-esteem and emotional well-being of those who suffer from it.

    From the shape of your nose to your height or weight, everything can be criticized, creating an endless list of unattainable standards. Although this practice has existed for a long time, its presence on digital platforms has exacerbated its effects.

    The ease with which young people share and comment on the appearance of others, especially public figures and “influencers”, has led many to find themselves in the center of public attention, opening the door to judgment and criticism.

    Alarming data

    54% of women dissatisfied with their bodies

    80% believe that television and movies promote insecurity

    94% of adolescents have experienced body shame (National Report on Self Esteem)

    50% of girls between 13-17 years old have been bullied for their appearance (Yahoo Survey)

    88% of teenagers compare themselves to images they see in the media(Common Sense Media)

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