What Did Costa Ricans Ask Google the Most In 2021?

    The Eurocup, the 2022 mark and even the result of the Nicaraguan lottery, are included

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    One more year is coming to an end. 2021 was full of events that marked the political, social and economic plans in Costa Rica. What were the issues in which Costa Ricans showed the most interest? The world’s most popular web search engine gives us a clue.

    According to the report ‘The year in search’ by ​​Google, some of the topics most searched by Ticos on the Internet were: the Eurocup, the 2022 mark and even the result of the Nicaraguan lottery. Costa Ricans asked Google various questions about these and other issues, mainly starting with the word “What.”

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    1- What came out in Nica? (lottery)

    2- What is celebrated on July 4?

    3- What about WhatsApp?

    4- What is happening in Colombia 2021?

    5- What does 👉👈 mean?

    6- What does nashe mean?

    7-What time is it in Spain?

    8- What dinosaur has 500 teeth?

    9- What is pansexual?

    10- What is happening in Afghanistan?

    Search trends


    Golden Cup

    America Cup

    March 2022

    Vehicular restriction


    Users Ministry of Health

    Microsoft Teams

    Disney plus

    Costa Rica vs Honduras



    Golden Cup

    America´s Cup

    Costa Rica vs Honduras

    Costa Rica vs Mexico

    Costa Rica vs Canada

    Costa Rica vs Jamaica

    Tokyo Olympics

    Hennessy Breeze

    Argentina vs Brazil



    Black Widow


    Spiderman: No Way Home

    Pray for us

    Mortal Kombat



    The Conjuring 3


    Resonance Costa Rica

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