What Are The Different Types Of Nasal Surgery?

    Many people undergo it to improve respiratory function, to repair nasal injuries, or to correct birth defects

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    Nasal surgery is a type of intervention whose objective is not only to improve the aesthetic appearance. Many patients undergo it to improve respiratory function, repair nasal injuries, or to correct birth defects.

    The nose operation is, therefore, a complex type of intervention. Putting yourself only in the hands of specialized and experienced professionals is essential, as is choosing very well the cosmetic surgery clinics in which to undergo surgery of this type.

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    The objective of this nasal intervention is to modify the size and shape of the nose to achieve a balance with the facial structure, to repair damage caused by accidents or diseases or to correct respiratory problems associated with the shape of the nose.

    That rhinoplasty, on the other hand, can be both reduction and increase. The reduction rhinoplasty is performed, above all, when the tip is very projected, as well as when the width is excessive or the back is too high. The increase, on the other hand, has the opposite objective, to increase the volume in those areas.

    In addition to this, you should know that rhinoplasty can be performed in two ways: open or closed. In the latter case, the intervention is performed inside, the incisions are made through the inside of the nostrils. When it is an open rhinoplasty, what is done is a small incision on the outside that will be imperceptible.


    It is the intervention that affects the nasal septum. The goal of surgery, in this case, is to correct a deviation that may be congenital or caused by trauma. A nasal septum diverted this is a problem that can cause not only difficulties when breathing, but also bleeding and nasal dryness and headaches or facial pain.

    Although this type of surgery, in principle, has a functional purpose, it is also frequently performed with the aim of improving the aesthetic appearance. Through the nostrils, what is done is an incision that serves to detach the mucosa. In many cases, it is accompanied by an operation to correct other alterations of the nose, it is the septorhinoplasty.


    It is a type of surgery that focuses on the turbinates, these are elongated structures whose function is to help breathing, as well as cleaning, heating and humidifying the air that enters through the nose. When these structures present abnormal growth, problems similar to those of a deviated nasal septum appear.It is, in any case, a type of operation whose objective is to reduce the size of the turbinates. They are not removed, since their function is essential.

    Valve surgery

    The nasal valve works as a limiter of the entrance of air so that it can be filtered, humidified and heated properly. When there is a narrowing, breathing problems appear. In this case, what the surgery does is slightly open that valve.

    Other types of nasal surgeries Within nose operations there are also two more to consider. On the one hand, nasosinusal endoscopic surgery, whose objective is to repair or remove lesions that prevent the correct functioning of the nose (polyps, sinusitis, etc.).On the other, adenoidectomy or removal of vegetations. In both cases, the intervention is carried out internally.

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