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    There are many reasons to acquire a home near the sea in Costa Rica. For some people, the appeal lies in the quick access to the beach from home. For others, it is about the lifestyle it offers. However, did you know that simply moving closer to the beach offers many health benefits?

    Do you want to know what the benefits of living near the sea in Costa Rica are?

    At TCRN, we will explain to you how a property with this location can have a positive impact on your health:

    1. It helps fight skin conditions

    Maybe you did not know it, but salt water is a natural repository of minerals like chloride, sodium, iodine, magnesium, sulfur, and potassium. Many of these have a healing effect on the skin when it shows lesions such as inflammation or irritation.

    In fact, studies show that the combination of salt water and UVB radiation helps fight conditions like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. So something as simple as going for a swim in the sea could help you heal various skin lesions.

    2. It reduces respiratory inflammation

    Regularly breathing the pleasant sea breeze can benefit people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as sinusitis. This is because the ocean air carries a slight load of salty water, which has a positive effect on the mucous membranes that line the respiratory system. Therefore, living near the beach could be just what you need.

    3. It helps you stay relaxed

    Ever wonder why you feel so relaxed when you go to the beach? Many people, feeling burdened by job responsibilities, choose to visualize themselves by the sea in order to reduce stress levels. It is scientifically proven that the sounds of nature, particularly birdsong, rain, wind in trees, and ocean waves help you recover from psychologically stressful events.

    Therefore, it is logical that people feel that the sound of the waves alleviates their stress and anxiety problems. If you add to that, factors such as the relaxing visual effect of the swaying of the sea, you have the perfect place to escape your worries.

    4. It increases vitamin D levels

    Among all the compounds necessary for human health, vitamin D is one that is not usually found in many foods. So how do you access this? Well, through the sun. Keep in mind that low levels of vitamin D are associated with health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and cancer.

    Therefore, it makes much more sense to choose to live near the sea and have special access to sunlight than to stay in the middle of the city surrounded by increasingly tall buildings that obstruct natural lighting.

    5. It is good for your mind

    We already told you that the sea can reduce stress. Additionally, many people feel that it is also capable of changing their mood and helping to dispel depression. That is more than just a popular belief and there is scientific reason to support it.

    You should know that the sea air is loaded with negative ions, which are capable of improving your mood. There are studies that show that the negative ionization of the sea breeze helps to reduce the levels of depression.

    Also, negative ions improve oxygen uptake, which helps keep serotonin (the hormone that helps control emotions) at healthy levels. In this way, moving close to the sea may be just what you need.

    6. Protects you from cardiovascular problems

    As we already told you, seawater has high levels of minerals, which, in addition to having a positive impact on the skin, also have a therapeutic effect on the heart. But what exactly are the benefits on the cardiovascular system?

    Well, for starters, it helps lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the atherogenic index, and malondialdehyde. In addition, it also increases the equivalent antioxidant capacity of Trolox. Additionally, it reduces the formation of plaque in the internal channels of the arteries.

    7. It facilitates physical exercise

    We all know the importance of exercising regularly. However, being able to go for a run or exercise in an open space like the beach is an added benefit that many people do not have access to.

    In fact, having the ocean allows you to practice new sports. That is another of the advantages of living near the sea, since without wasting time you arrive at a wide and clear space that puts you in contact with nature.

    Now you know better what the health benefits you get from living near the beach are. So make the decision today!

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