We Are Energy: How To Balance Our Energy Field

    Before being a physical body, we are energy. This explains what happens to us

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    We live in times of rapid and important changes that also reach medicine. Professionals from different fields coincide in research that leads to new ways of diagnosing and treating diseases.

    The “energy medicine” is the result of these advances and is based on the action on the human energy structure. Its objective is to offer the body, through a respectful intervention, the instructions or energy necessary to regain balance.

    The energy treatment rebuilds health little by little. It makes healing a journey in which the protagonist is always the person and health is not limited to the physical body, but also encompasses many other environmental, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

    Energy medicine and the technologies it uses help to understand that the human being is not only a biological machine, but an entity that expresses itself in a physical body, in an emotional and mental structure, and that enjoys a consciousness that allows it to choose. .

    In the same way that iron filings are organized around a magnet, matter is structured based on the information in the energy field. In other words: first there is the energy structure and, depending on it, the physical body.

    Energy medicine acts on the body’s electromagnetic field to restore it

    Therefore, in the energy field are the keys to health, and if we observe it, we can see the tendency to balance or imbalance before it has come to manifest itself at the biochemical or physical level. This is a great advantage over conventional medicine methods, which focus on physical or biochemical reality.

    Wave Therapy to Balance the Energy Field

    The existence of human energy fields has been known for many years, but in the last four decades there has been a great development of technologies capable of measuring and interacting therapeutically with them.

    Bioenergy is energy of biological origin. All living beings exchange energy, emit it and receive it. It probably has very diverse components, although we can only measure electromagnetic. Through an electrocardiogram, for example, we can measure and visualize the electrical signal coming from the heart and assess whether it is working correctly.

    In addition to the electrical activity of the heart or brain, it is possible to measure and visualize other waves, also electromagnetic, coming from the human body and allowing us to evaluate the functioning of different organs and systems.

    Accessing the energy field allows assessing the global state of the person, including the predominant or specific emotional patterns. Thanks to this approach, we obtain different information when it comes to chronic diseases, of which the cause is often unknown.

    If you act on time at the energy level you can avoid the appearance of most disorders

    Today’s energy medicine coincides with the healing traditions of the East in its preventive approach and also in the need to help the body maintain and activate its capacity for recovery.

    The Use of Technology in Energy Medicine

    Energy medicine uses tools that were often developed in aerospace projects. Thanks to these advanced technologies we approach deep levels of body functioning. These devices allow an individual analysis of the person’s condition. They can discover the different external and internal causes that explain their situation and indicate how to treat it effectively and gently.

    The focus is not on disease, but on optimizing health

    Science has long ago shown how each cell, each organ, each system has its own resonance frequency. And how cells communicate through electromagnetic fields. Health is also reflected in fluid communication within the body itself, and between it and the outside.

    Energy medicine based on current knowledge reflects the integrative philosophy of natural medicine. In this way, it bridges the gap between different worldviews and supports health care based on the energies that constitute us.

    Waves Replace Pills

    Through the analysis of the energy field, the causes of disorders – excesses, deficiencies or blockages in different parts of the body – are discovered and therapeutically acted upon. The body’s response to disease is not suppressed, it is assisted.

    Various types of waves are the main therapeutic tool. Some work the magnetic or electric field, and others act through pulsating fields. Each wave has a specific objective. They can be combined with acupuncture or massage on the fasciae, which also act on an energetic level.

    There are waves that serve to relax, others to activate biological processes (hormonal, metabolic, nervous …) or to eliminate pathogens. There are them for almost anything one could think of.
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