Colors, freshness and quality in abundance at Costa Rica’s Farmers’ Fairs

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    Colors, freshness and quality, all of this is in abundance at the various farmers’ fairs in Costa Rica.

    Despite the global health crisis due to the Coronavirus, people can continue to have a variety of fresh products from Costa Rican farmers.

    Those who visit the fairs will have that touch of Pura Vida, and wanting to come again

    Beyond the Costa Rican beaches and the authentic greenery, there are other reasons why people decide visiting the Central American country, like feeling, appreciating and enjoying everything healthy, as for example, the food that is inside the farmer’s fairs or markets.

    The local farmers markets are an example of pure life itself, of our perseverance and culture.

    If you plan to visit Costa Rica or if you are a local, but you have not attended any farmers markets, then you should not miss out visiting them, let’s say it is a great first step to adapt to the Costa Rican society.

    At them you can practice your Spanish, meet new people, buy fresh vegetables and 100% organic products, inexpensive by the way.

    Each locality has its own market. Farmers generally meet in the central area of ​​town, or at the bus station and for about 5 hours sell what they have just harvested.

    What colors, what freshness, that aroma of flowers, what wonderful people, so warm, surely those will be your expressions when you visit these fairs.

    You will taste fruits that your eyes have never seen and also typical Costa Rican elaborated dishes, so I insist, take some time, and visit the fairs, your body will thank you later.

    Definitely the fairs or farmers markets are that special way to fall in love with Costa Rica

    There are farmers markets around the Central Valley and within 30 to 40 miles of San José. Be sure to check the days and location as they change without notice.

    Here are some of the Farmer’s fairs or markets awaiting your visit:

    Feria del Agricultor opera con normalidad en Tegucigalpa | Proceso Digital

    • EcoFeria – Camino Real (Dominical), delivers fresh products to and from: Platanillo, Uvita, Bahía Ballena, Playa Hermosa, Dominicalito and more; they even have a website for attending the Public during the Pandemic  here you will find everything you have been looking for in local production (they have more than 35 producers), as well as art, music and yoga classes.

    Visit their website and learn about this special experience of acquiring what you want, all purely organic and fresh.

    Among others…

    • Grecia – in front of Lagar on Route 118 – on Fridays and Saturdays.
    • Naranjo – 100 south of liceo- on Fridays and Saturdays.
    • Sarchi – 50 south of the football stadium – on Fridays.
    • San Ramón – 150 north of the UCR – on Fridays and Saturdays.
    • Atenas – By Radial to Route 27 – Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.
    • Escazú – south side of Central Park – on Saturdays.
    • Guachipelin – inside the gymnasium of the Guachipelin public school – on Sundays.
    • Santa Ana – north side of the Catholic Church – on Sundays.
    • Ciudad Colón – in front of the Municipal Square – Saturdays
    • Pavas – East side of Pali – Saturdays.
    • Belen – soccer field on the west side of Belen – on Saturdays.

    You are already convinced, Costa Rica has it all … And its hardworking people who strive every day so that their visitors take back with them the best of their culture!

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