Urgent Actions in Favor of the Oceans are Needed

    Sea level rise and acidification confirm this call

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    Despite the many calls and warnings about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet, the outlook remains critical. In the most recent report on climate change, released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), urgent action is requested.

    Costa Rica: one of the first nations to protection

    Among the effects that most concerned experts warn about are: greater acidification and the constant melting of sea ice and glaciers. This implies that the sea will continue to rise and the weather conditions will be more and more extreme, as is currently observed.

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    Despite this critical outlook, we still have an opportunity to reduce the consequences of climate change. To achieve this, it is necessary to join forces and develop actions that have a direct impact. Such is the case with the recent expansion of marine protected areas around Cocos Island. This allowed Costa Rica to become one of the first nations to protect 30% of its land and sea surface, a goal that is expected to be achieved globally in 2030.

    Uniting voices across the oceans

    Within the framework of World Oceans Day which was commemorated this past June 8th, FAICO, Friends of Cocos Island in conjunction with the Cocos Marine Conservation Area (ACMC), call for action to stop deterioration in the health of our seas. Both organizations replicate the call of the United Nations (UN), which asks to Unite The Voices For The Oceans.

    For Alejandra Villalobos, Executive Director of FAICO, the actions and measures must be implemented in the short term. “The oceans are the main source of life, which also stabilizes the climate and accumulates carbon, acting as a gigantic sink for greenhouse gases. The contributions of the oceans are innumerable, let us remember that they also house an unimaginable amount of biodiversity and directly support human well-being,” Villalobos assured.

    For her part, Gina Cuza, director of the ACMC, calls for actions with greater impact and resilience. “Our oceans are the lungs of the planet, an important source of food, health, recreation, and a fundamental part of the balance of all forms of life in the biosphere. Unfortunately, human beings have generated actions that lead to the degradation of marine ecosystems and if they do not make a change, this affectation can be irreversible”, warned Cuza.

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