Expert’s advice to take better care of our oceans

Eliminate plastic and limit use of agrochemicals

Prohibit plastic. If you want to be part of the fight for the benefit of the ocean you should find yourself ready to eliminate your use of plastic completely. This was the main recommendation given by the specialist on climate change, Lenin Corrales, this Wednesday on the program Nuestra Voz.

On the occasion of celebrating World Ocean Day, organized by UNESCO, Corrales listed a series of tips for citizens and governments with the end goal of protecting our oceans.

Our Earth is an organization recognized for driving the collection of solid wastes in the banks of rivers, near cities, and along their estuaries. The group’s director, Nydia Rodriguez, pointed out that the majority of trash we see on beaches was not left there by people but rather they were moved there by wind and rain, coming originally from the streets of the cities.

Corrales added that state spending should increase from it’s current 3% to 30% sewage treatment by 2021.

SOURCEAidan McMorrow
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