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    New Route Costa Rica-Los Roques from Albatros Airlines

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    Albatros Airlines, the airline that takes you “as far as you want to go”, makes available to all the inhabitants and tourists of the country of “Pure Life” its new and exclusive route from Costa Rica to the Los Roques Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea.

    Albatros is a Venezuelan-based airline oriented to develop tourism bonds between Venezuela and Costa Rica.
    Albatros Airlines airplane

    Imagine that you are lying on a towel in the white sands of a beach with an infinite and incomparable blue, while you take a refreshing drink under the radiant Caribbean sun, just like that is a day in Los Roques. If you love to spend your holiday surrounded by the sea this is without a doubt the perfect destination for you because the scenario that you will see has no comparison and the experience will be much more varied than you imagine, because here the fun comes in several dream presentations.

    The Archipelago of Los Roques is an earthly paradise located in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela, 168 km north of La Guaira, the port of Caracas. The arrival by air is an unforgettable spectacle, thanks to the variety of blues that can be observed from the air. The archipelago contains about 50 different islands. The most important, El Gran Roque, is the only one populated and it is where the airport is.

    Los Roques is a beautiful destination in Venezuela.
    Los Roques

    Los Roques consists of more than 50 cays and 300 sandbanks. It has one of the most diverse and best-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, an extensive coral atoll 36 km from west to east and 24.6 kilometers from north to south, formed by the islands and some 292 keys and sandbanks of great diversity and scenic beauty, with abundant marine life and its varied fauna, which also makes it the largest marine park in Latin America. Its crystal clear waters, its white sand, and its warm climate are a divinity to enjoy the best vacations you can have.

    What makes Los Roques an extraordinary place is the enormous expansion of calm sea, the presence of lagoons, virgin beaches, and crystal clear waters of incredible colors.

    We suppose that when you say “beach” you think that the only thing you can do is swim and sunbathe, but you soon discover that it is not the case, because in Los Roques the activities you can do during the day are endless, you can practice water sports like windsurf and kite surf, make an incredible flight over the archipelago in ultralights or stroll through the wonderful waters in a catamaran., do diving or scuba diving with or without a tank where you will be captivated by the beautiful reefs, or if you prefer more quiet activities such as fishing, bird watching or hiking on the islands.

    The visit to the keys has become the main attraction among tourists. Among the most popular keys are Francisquí, Madrisquí, Cayo Pirata, Crasquí, Noronquí, Dos Mosquises and Cayo de Agua. Another place you must visit is the Los Roques Scientific Foundation, located on the Dos Mosquises Key, it has an excellent program called “adopt a turtle” that allows you to sponsor a turtle and help preserve this beautiful animal.

    Los Roques is a beautiful destination in Venezuela.
    Los Roques aerial view

    Being the Los Roques a national park, there are no big luxury hotels, but a great variety of Hostels, from the simplest and unpretentious to the most luxurious, most take pride in their gastronomy where the Lobster is the specialty of recognized fame. Almost all the hostels are located in El Gran Roque, from where boats leave for the different islands. It is also possible to stay in a sailboat or a yacht, which are traveling from one island to another.

    Los Roques is not affected by seasonal weather changes. It usually presents good climate and stable temperatures throughout the year for the enjoyment of the beaches without the risk of tropical storms or hurricanes. In the midst of the blue sea and sky, there are those who say goodbye to this beautiful and tranquil paradise, just thinking of returning again to this wonderful place of crystal clear waters and hypnotizing rainbows.

    We invite you to contact your trusted travel and tourism agency or go directly to our offices. For more information CLICK HERE.

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