Train, Buses, Uber and Didi: This Is How the Use of Masks Will Be Applied in Costa Rican Transportation

    The different systems will apply the government regulations and call open users to decide on safety precautions

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    This past Wednesday at dawn the decree was published that eliminates the mandatory nature of masks.The regulations are clear that it will continue to be mandatory for health personnel and patients who go to these health centers.But on social networks there are those who have doubts about how to proceed on buses, trains and on platforms such as Uber and Didi.

    Here we tell you what the different means of transport have announced about this decree:


    “No driver can demand the use of it as a condition to use the service,” said the director of the National Chamber of Transportation (Canatrans), Silvia Bolaños.However, the spokeswoman called for both passengers and employees to consider the advantages of using the protection.


    The Costa Rican Railway Institute (Incofer) issued the following statement:“Incofer, like any public institution, is governed by the laws and regulations in force in our country, which are subject to modifications via decrees.

    “In that sense, from the moment the decree on the non-mandatory use of a mask is published, we are governed by it. “It is important to mention that passengers who want to continue wearing the mask will be able to do so, but it will no longer be an obligation.”


    Carlos Contreras, regional director of Communication for DiDi, called on the population to exercise responsibility for care, but without explicitly saying whether the instruction for drivers is to ask for a mask or not.

    “As an intermediary technological platform, we carry out educational and pedagogical campaigns -through the app- to generally remind the community of the importance of exercising habits that safeguard public health.Additionally, we run information campaigns through our app with recommendations to promote safe deliveries and travel.”


    The platform was clearer than its competitor in terms of its position regarding the use or not of the face mask. Their spokesmen indicated:“After the publication of the Decree issued by the Government this Wednesday, May 11th, as of today the use of masks will be optional for both users and collaborating partners who make trips through the Uber app.

    “However, we invite the community to continue doing what makes you feel safest.This is understanding that the use of masks remains one of the best ways to protect against the transmission of Covid-19.”

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