Tourism MSMEs Will Now Be Able to Sell Their Products Online Through the Tico Treasures Platform

    The platform started with the first 100 artisanal MSMEs

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    The first 100 artisans begin their online sales on the new Tico Treasures platform of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).This project began in November 2022 with the signing of the public-private agreement between the ICT, Mastercard and Correos de Costa Rica.

    The 17 Artisan Collectives that make up 300 MSMEs of the Crafts with Identity program, created more than ten years ago by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), to support them in commercial matters and business strengthening, today receive a new boost. A platform will allow them to sell their products online and ship them to any part of the national territory and the rest of the world.

    Tico Treasures ( is the new electronic commerce platform, registered by the ICT, that will allow tourists to connect with the product offering of the Crafts with Identity program, expanding the borders for the commercialization of its products. products and promoting the recovery and acceleration of this economic activity.

    Home to countless treasures to discover

    “Costa Rica is home to countless treasures to discover, some visible to the naked eye and others that come to life in unexpected places. Tico Treasures seeks to promote artisanal and creative production, highlighting the authenticity, quality and cultural meaning of each product. This is a proposal that has been managed for ten years thanks to the support of artisan groups and that today represents an opportunity for the development, progress and well-being of Costa Rican families,” said William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism.

    With the support and joint work of companies such as Mastercard, Correos de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica and the ICT, artisans will be able to market their “treasures” in an innovative and technological way, allowing products with a 100% Costa Rican seal to reach everyone in the world.

    Through this strategic alliance, Costa Rican tourism MSMEs will be able to take advantage of Mastercard’s innovative digital payment solutions to offer their customers a faster, more secure experience. and convenient. Likewise, they will be able to access the educational platforms that we have developed with our allies to help them acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital economy.

    The platform started today with the first 100 artisanal MSMEs. In later phases, it is intended to integrate MSMEs into other commercial activities relevant to the tourism sector such as gastronomy, well-being, etc.

    For his part, Mauricio Rojas, General Manager of Correos de Costa Rica, stated: “Through our robust logistics capabilities and extensive coverage, Correos is positioned as a fundamental strategic ally to promote a true ecosystem of SMEs in Costa Rica. We not only facilitate the process for artisanal SMEs, but we also become an essential engine for the reactivation of the tourism sector. SMEs can fully trust Corres to significantly expand their commercial horizons. They are no longer limited to local borders, but have the opportunity to reach new markets, both nationally and internationally. This expansion represents an open door to unprecedented opportunities for the growth and prosperity of SMEs. In addition, our consolidated experience in the field of electronic commerce enables us to provide comprehensive support and personalized accompaniment to SMEs.”

    Thanks to the public-private collaboration between Mastercard, Correos de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica and ICT, the different components necessary for the entry into operation of this electronic commerce platform have been developed and implemented, such as:

    Development of market intelligence and data analysis

    Creation of a specialized electronic market…

    Integration of logistics platforms for shipping products nationally and internationally

    Digitization of MSMEs for acceptance of international payments

    Training of MSMEs in financial education, electronic commerce, logistics and entrepreneurship

    Creation of the Artisan Support Center to support participating MSMEs

    Marketing and promotional campaigns to publicize the program nationally and internationally

    Very important for the economic and social development of the country

    Douglas Soto, General Manager of Banco de Costa Rica, indicated that “Tourism MSMEs are very important for the economic and social development of our country. Their versatility allows them to be present and operate in many areas and zones, generating a value chain that strengthens the national economic system. That is why at the BCR we are proud to be part of this synergy with which we will be able to promote your digital connectivity through our broad portfolio of products, services, financial tools and means of payment.”

    International tourists visiting Costa Rica looking for authentic experiences show a particular interest in immersing themselves in the local atmosphere, meeting the people, discovering unique products, and supporting artisan communities. They are willing to use technology and digital payment methods to facilitate their purchases, valuing the emotional connection, history and cultural value that each product represents.

    “The training process has allowed the group of artisans from the Crafts with Identity collectives to have packaging techniques for our products, financial tools, reception of electronic payments and digitalization processes for our businesses. All of this will allow us to increase the competitiveness of our family businesses,” highlighted Luz Amparo, who is part of the work team of the Artisan Support Center that operates from the store located in the San José Municipal Crafts Market, created by the ICT.

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