Tips to Encourage Young Children to Read

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    When your child is at the age to start reading and he has not taken that step yet, you may be overwhelmed with questions, and worry, it is very normal for you to feel that way.

    Learning to read will be a huge step for your child. Above all, it is not advisable to pressure a child or try to force him to read before his time. You must wait for him to be prepared, to show interest and to see him with enthusiasm to learn.

    One of the first things you should do is reading a lot to your child, nothing like reading to a child to encourage him to read and getting him interested.

    If you read to your child and you get him to be passionate about what you are reading, he will immediately be aroused in curiosity to learn to read more and more stories by himself. Reading a lot means reading every day, since he is a baby.

    Of course, at first you should use stories with lots of colorful illustrations.

    Constantly ask him about what you are reading to him

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    Even if he is a baby, and you think that he will not understand … help him improve his comprehension by constantly asking about what you are reading.

    In this way, they will reconsider the story and find it much more attractive.

    You will discover, for example, that in all stories there is a beginning, an intermediate plot, and an end that is a denouement. This will help him to structure what you read more easily later.

    Reading is one of the most valuable skills a child can learn

    Learning to read is one of the skills that most favor the linguistic and intellectual development of children.

    It stimulates oral expression, improves vocabulary and encourages the learning of various contents from an early age.

    People who like to read, especially when it comes to works of fiction, are more empathetic, a skill that allows them to have a wider and more solid social circle.

    However, once children can read and begin to take advantage of all its benefits, it is important that they gain fluency and speed in reading. In this way they can better understand the texts, and get emotionally involved with the stories and assimilate more content in less time.

    1 Practice with model reading

    Children learn largely by imitation, especially when they are young.

    2 Organize read-aloud sessions

    Reading sessions are an excellent strategy for training children’s reading skills and improving their fluency.

    3 Encourage that they read their favorite books

    Contrary to what many parents think, always reading new texts helps to develop fluency and speed of reading, but in fact, the more accustomed children are to reading the same book, the more fluent they will be.

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    Costa Rican Tourism Institute will Promote Law that Authorizes Reduction of Working Hours

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) reported that in the next few days it will promote a bill to...
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