Tico Transit Authorities Clarify to Drivers: “Cyclists Can Ride in the Center of the Lane”

    In case it is a single lane, cyclists are within their right to go through the center, it is informed

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    In recent months, the use of bicycles increased considerably in Costa Rica, following the restrictions on mobility by car that have been applied due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. To remove doubts from cyclists and drivers, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT) clarified that cyclists can travel in the center of the lane.

    Details on the transit regulations in the country for use of bicycles:

    • Cyclists can travel in the center of street lanes.

    • Drivers must separate 1.5 meters, at least, when passing them

    (How to do it if the lanes are narrow? Then it is not done until the conditions are given or they do the same thing they do when passing another motor vehicle: pass through the opposite lane in allowed zone).

    • One in 10 parking spaces should be used for bicycles and motorcycles.

    • Tax exemptions for the purchase of bicycles are maintained.

    • Cyclists must respect all aspects of the Traffic Law, such as not driving counter traffic on the street or on the sidewalks

    • Cyclists must carry a light at night.

    • Motor bikes are not mopeds. Motorized, assisted or electric bicycles, as long as they retain the ability to be pedaled, are still bicycles, therefore, they are regulated by the Traffic Law as such.

    Reflection for cyclists and drivers

    We must understand that the use of the roads must be shared among all, it is not a battle of sides, pedestrians against cyclists, cyclists against drivers, drivers against pedestrians. We are all pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers at different times, even on the same day. Let’s stop seeing the other road participants as enemies; using the road does not mean that others have to accommodate to my demands, it is about sharing the road with tolerance to all.
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