Tico Becomes a Legend by Climbing a Mountain More Than 6 Thousand Meters at Age 75

    Conquering the Mera Peak in Nepal

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    In a story full of courage and determination, two Costa Ricans, 75-year-old Daniel Ramírez and Oscar Hernández, set out on an exciting expedition to conquer a mountain.

    From the beginning, it was clear that this would be an unforgettable experience, full of challenges and unforgettable moments, where they faced temperatures of -22 degrees Celsius.The adventure began with the formation of a solid team. Along with Daniel and Don Oscar were a local guide, an expert in mountaineering, and experienced porters.

    Safety was a priority, and having trained professionals was essential to face the difficult terrain and extreme conditions that awaited them.Don Oscar’s age added an additional element of interest to the expedition, says Daniel.

    As he got older, it became more motivating to accompany him on these mountains. Although he had overcome previous challenges, such as the Island Peak in Nepal, the Aconcagua, or the Nangkartshang, he faced the challenge of conquering the Mera Peak in Nepal.

    Determination and willpower

    His determination and willpower were impressive. Despite advancing at a slower pace than others, he never complained and kept advancing step by step. His perseverance was amazing and he served as an inspiration to everyone around him.

    An exciting adventure

    The team departed Costa Rica on April 29th, stopping in Madrid and Doha, before arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal on May 1st.After a few days of preparation in Kathmandu, they began the overland journey to Salleri, from where they would begin their journey to the top.

    For about five days, they trekked through beautiful landscapes until they reached Kharikhola.Each step brought them closer to their final goal: the top of Mera Peak, more than 6,470 meters above sea level, completely covered in snow.

    Reaching the Khare base camp was a major milestone in his expedition.From there, they planned their ascent to the outpost camp, also known as High Camp.On the day of the ascent, the team was reduced to four people.This extra precaution was taken to ensure safety in the challenging conditions.

    Together, they braved the low temperatures and walked on the snow, a terrain they were not used to in Costa Rica.The experience of mountaineering with Don Oscar was unique. As he ascended, he earned the respect and admiration of the other climbers.

    His age was not a barrier for him; on the contrary, it was an example that retirement did not mean the end of the world.With his positive attitude and healthy lifestyle, he showed that life could still be enjoyed and limits pushed at any stage.


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