Tica Ligia Madrigal Receives Recognition from Government of Nepal for Having Reached Summit of Mount Everest

    Ligia thanked the honorary consul of Costa Rica in Nepal, Manish Thapa, who invited her for coffee and also gave her a gift

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    Costa Rican climber Ligia Madrigal continues to live the sweetness of success after reaching the summit of Mount Everest, the highest in the world at 8,848 meters above sea level.

    The athlete told in her social networks that the Government of Nepal gave her an award. This for being the first woman from Costa Rica to achieve this feat, on Wednesday last week.

    “First I was invited to the celebration of the 71st anniversary of Everest day, where they awarded some people. To my surprise including me.“The prime minister of Nepal, yes! The prime minister (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) presented me with a medal and a special scarf for being the first woman from Costa Rica to achieve the summit of Everest,” she wrote in the post.

    She also thanked the honorary consul of Costa Rica in Nepal, Manish Thapa, who invited her for coffee and also gave her a gift.“This I did not expect this at all, but how nice it felt, that they recognized all my work and effort,” Madrigal finished.

    40 days

    Madrigal traveled to Nepal since mid-April for the whole process of training, acclimatization and preparation for the feat this year. She will spend a total of 48 days outside of Costa Rica for the entire journey.

    Last Saturday, her husband, Federico Escalante, revealed in the official social networks the first video of the Costa Rican woman in the highest point of the world, after the difficulties of internet connection in the area.

    Along with Ligia, in that select list of people on the highest point on Earth is only the national mountaineer, Warner Rojas, who conquered Everest on May 24, 2012.He also tried it last year but an edema, attended in time, prevented the feat but he was able to save his life.This year, the chef and athlete Daniel Vargas also tried but a similar health problem frustrated the plan and the previous Saturday he was hospitalized.

    She made it!

    Madrigal became last Wednesday the first Costa Rican woman to achieve this feat.In a video on her social networks, of just over a minute, she thanked all the people and company that supported her and says that she “has been trying for hours” to see all the material (messages) that people have sent her in support.

    “We made it, we made it. Thank you so much, really, all that support, all those words and prayers paid off,” Madrigal commented.“I, pucha, never in my life have I ever done something so hard, it was something incredibly hard: physical, mental in every way, I had never given so much of myself to try to achieve something,” she added.

    The 51-year-old athlete insisted on her gratitude to all the people who gave her support and says that still, three days after reaching the top of the world, she cannot believe the fact that she has conquered Everest.

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