Tica Ligia Madrigal is on Her Way to Mount Everest Becoming the First Tica to Climb Reach the Summit

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    With determination and an indomitable spirit, Costa Rican mountaineer Ligia Madrigal has set out to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2024, with the firm intention of becoming the first woman from Costa Rica to do so.

    Full of passion for the mountain

    “This 2024 I will try to become the first woman from Costa Rica to reach the summit of Mount Everest,” said Madrigal, known for her passion for high-performance mountain sports, said the Athlete.

    Madrigal, who is a mother, wife and graphic designer by profession, has dedicated five years of her life to training and preparing for this challenge. “Since I was a child, my heart has always belonged to the mountains. I work hard every day and find the time and discipline to train hard and visit the mountains whenever I can,” Madrigal shared on her social networks.


    Despite obstacles and difficulties, Madrigal continues with her dream. “With hard work, discipline, dedication and being responsible and focused, I know I can do it,” she said with determination.

    However, her first attempt to reach the summit of Everest was not successful. For reasons of logistics and force majeure, Madrigal was unable to complete the ascent to the summit in previous attempts. Although she managed to reach camp 4, located at 8,000 meters above sea level, the summit still eluded him.

    This Sunday, Madrigal shared her experience on social networks, revealing that, despite the adversities, she remains determined not to give up. “And against all odds, swimming against the current and without the right to give up, here I come Nepal. A great adventure awaits me, that is a reality,” she said.

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