Tibás Will Start, in May 2019, Plan to Become a Free Single-Use Plastic Canton

    Municipality Creates Strategic Plan with Neighbors, Merchants, and Other Members of the Canton

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    Tibás municipality gets ready to become a free single-use plastic canton. However, its strategy is designed to mitigate this problem little by little. May is the month set by the Municipality to start with the plan and to reduce the use of objects such as plastic bags, straws, cups, disposable dishes, among others.

    This Friday, traders and residents of the canton held a discussion to show their ideas on what should be contained in the cantonal strategy presented by the municipality.

    Officers of Tibás municipality with posing with their new eco-bags

    “In Tibás, we still have a lot of inheritance from the problem of garbage and plastic, now we are preparing the cantonal strategy with concrete actions where we put indicators, and thus achieve that in a period of 5 years, for example, the 2,800 companies no longer use plastics of single-time use. This would also include the schools and sodas of the community”, said the mayor, Carlos Cascante.

    The strategy also seeks that the public institutions that are located there participate in the initiative with green purchases. During the discussion, the ideas were taken, which are then analyzed by an environmental group of the municipality, to finish channeling them into the text of the formal proposal.

    When the initiative is completely ready it will be presented first to the different actors of the canton and then its official launch will be made, which is set for May 2019.

    “The idea is to carry out 2 more workshops to finish forming the strategy, after analyzing each of the ideas, we will do a pre-launch with them to validate the proposal, and after that process we will analyze it in the municipal council for, finally, make the launch”, explained Cascante.

    Tibás has approximately 90 thousand inhabitants in little more than 8 km2 and approved a motion in the council for 8 months to become free of plastic, following the line of other municipalities in the country.The mayor ruled out that, for the moment, they will sanction those premises that do not comply with the plan of not using single-use plastic, nor will it be given incentives to those who do so. Meanwhile, the idea will be to implement education campaigns for the population on the new strategy.

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