Guanacaste Would Be the 1st Province to Eliminate the Use of Straws and Plastic Bags

The Initiative Emerged from Deputy of the Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC), Rodolfo Peña

The beautiful province of Guanacaste could eliminate the use and commercialization of straws and plastic bags, very soon. The initiative was born of the deputy of the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), Rodolfo Peña, who sent a request to the councils of the Guanacaste municipality, in order to restrict the use of straws and plastic bags.

As we struggle to pass Bill 20,985 to begin eliminating single-use plastic, I am fighting for the elimination of plastic straws and bags throughout Guanacaste. For Peña, the importance of Guanacaste eliminating plastic from a single-use lies in the importance of the tourism sector.

Plastic bags will be eliminated even from supermarkets

The Guanacastecan deputy argued that some municipalities have expressed their support for this request, so he hopes very soon to be giving good news to Guanacastecans regarding the progress that this initiative has in the cantons of the province.

An advance

In Liberia and Santa Cruz, the municipal council has already declared the canton free from the use of plastic straws. In the market, there are several environmentally- friendly options to replace this product.

Carbon Neutral 2021

Costa Rica is taking a firm stand against plastic pollution. The country has a clear objective of protecting the environment and stop producing so much garbage. The goal is to ban all single-use plastics by 2021.

This is a necessary action because in the country 4,000 tons of solid waste are produced annually, and 20% of which never reach a recycling center and unfortunately end up in rivers, beaches, or forests. To fulfill its objective, the government is creating a strategy that will involve both the private sector and the public.

A part of the project has already been launched with Costa Rican researchers who are experimenting to find alternatives for the use of plastic.

SOURCEJoao Gomez
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