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    The Plastic Pollution Pandemic

    The Plastic Pollution Pandemic

    There are more “microplastics” in the Ocean than there are stars in the sky. And also, there are already microplastics in the air

    Guanacaste Would Be the 1st Province to Eliminate the Use of Straws and Plastic...

    The beautiful province of Guanacaste could eliminate the use and commercialization of straws and plastic bags, very soon. The initiative was born...

    Plastic Pollution: A Serious Problem

    Plastic pollution is causing irreparable damage to the planet. Far from diminishing, this problem gets worse every day. Annually, 300 million tons of plastic...

    4 Tips To Reduce Plastic Pollution

    Costa Rica is worldwide known for its beautiful beaches and seas. The biodiversity of marine species proudly enjoyed by the country is incredible, from...
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