Tourism Sector Celebrates the National Parks’ Day

    Public works will be carried on the Southern Inter American road

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    San Jose, August 29th – Due to the National Parks Day, more than 50 volunteers from different tourism companies got together in a cleaning day on the Southern Internamerican road, in the proximity of the Tapanti, Macizo de la Muerte and Los Quetzales National Parks.

    This is the fourth volunteering activity is part of the sustainability program of the VI International Conference on Sustainable Tourism: Planeta, Personas y Paz (Planet, People and Peace) to be held from October 9th to 11th at the Real Intercontinental Hotel.

    The public works were carried out on the Southern Interamerican road covering these National parks: Tapanti – Macizo de la Muerte and Los Quetzales. It means this activity will be recognized as one of the immediate actions to preserve the natural resourses.

    “We, the ICT, have committed to create a symbiosis between the tourism activity and the environment. Its execution aims to encourage the efficient use of the resources, the protection of the biological diversity and the development and welfare of the communities. Therefore, we keep on supporting these volunteering activities because they meet our institutional goals” – said Alejandro Castro, ICT Manager.

    “Volunteering is a fundamental to reach out strategic conservation goals, watching citizens cleaning the streets of our country gives a clear message that the environment is important to Costa Rica. Big environmental changes are possible only when people understand that the biodiversity is important for our lives” – claimed Pablo Elizondo, a scientist and Bird Observatory director.

    “2017 is the International Year of the Sustainable Tourism for the Development and in Costa Rica we join this initiative by carrying out this public event to boost the most important sustainable tourism of the region: the Planet, People and Peace International Conference. This is the fourth day of volunteering work we have prepared for P3” – (Jackeline Lopez, CANAECO president)

    This International Year cleaning campaign seeks to promote a change in the policies and practices of the companies as well as in the consumers’ behavior in order to favor sustainability of the tourism sector so that it can facilitate the means to reach our sustainable development objectives.

    People interested in more information can register in Planet, People and Peace International Conference at or via Facebook: @planetpeoplepeace.

    For more information, contact Zona de Prensa

    Sandra Zumbado 8827-8304,

    [email protected]

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