Volunteer Neighbors Will Clean the Tibás Canton

The Municipality of Tibás Supports Initiative with Cleanings Scheduled Throughout the Canton

It all began with a group of neighbors who organized themselves through social media. They worried about the amount of trash they saw on the streets, that despite the work done by the Municipality of Tibás, some people were the cause of so many plastic bottles, food packages, and other waste thrown into the sewers. In this regard, it seemed that nobody made anything for the canton’s welfare.

But, fortunately, this group called “Tibás Culture” will start this Saturday, May 26th, with the cleaning work in the whole canton. They will sweep sewers, collect garbage, and clean up all kinds of debris thrown into sewers and pipes.

Neighbors volunteering on the streets.
Volunteer neighbors collecting garbage on the streets.

Pamela Rapso, leader of the group, commented that this project has the support of about 25 neighbors and, additionally,  with the full support of the Municipality of Tibás. “People complain a lot through social media, but nobody knows how and where to help. I have seen how the Municipality cleans and collects garbage, and yet there are many people who keep throwing garbage on the street. That is what causes flooding”.

The Tibasean mayor, Carlos Cascante Duarte, received the neighbors to listen to the initiative and gave them the full support to start the work. “I greatly appreciate this group of neighbors who care about the welfare of the canton and the environment. The Municipality also makes a huge effort to keep all districts clean but there are always people who do not raise awareness and keep throwing away the trash”, he commented.

This group of neighbors will start with the work for the park located by the Metalco in Colima from 9 am, they will be identified with a shirt with the logo “Yo Amo Tibás”. Last week, the person in charge of the movement and a few neighbors did a cleaning 200 meters west of the Tibás Park. The purpose is to unite more neighbors to schedule routes in all the districts every 15 days.

SOURCEPrensa Municipalidad de Tibás
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