The Wellness Guide to Achieve Your Goals

    Take note of wellness advice and prepare to embrace a healthier, happier and more conscious lifestyle

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    The recommendations and programs to improve your life are based on your desires and needs. In all of this, his main objective is to ‘prioritize the positive’, that is, to focus on what we are doing well before eliminating what could be wrong. Here we offer a series of ideas that can serve as a starting point for anyone who wants to focus their resolutions for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

    Establish a morning routine

    ‘The first thing I ask my clients is how they start the day. The way we start the day is a great reflection of how we tend to live. Routines are an important part of our lifestyle. It’s crucial not to rush out of bed or grab the phone immediately. First, start with something you like. Even if it’s five minutes to think, meditate or whatever you may need, even if it’s just a stretch. It’s perfectly fine to start with a glass of water or a piece of fruit. It can be reading or journaling in response to a more mindful day. When you start your morning with more intention, you have more energy to feel more in control.’

    Adopt a plant-based diet and keep it colorful

    ‘When I say plant-based, I don’t mean you have to go vegan or start cutting everything out of your diet. What it really means is adding more colors and vegetables to your diet. Think about where you can add a vegetable, to your smoothies or to your lunch and start there. It is essential to try new vegetables. We need them for energy and for our brains to function to their full potential. Just by adding colors, you’ll start to notice that your dishes will be packed with more nutrients. I have found that when you eat with colors, you feel colorful and vibrant. Naturally, eating is an emotional thing, so you have to be aware of what those emotions might be. Make sure your kitchen pantry is set up in a way that aligns with your wellness goals and plan your meals.’

    Listen to your body

    ‘What I mean by this is to implement a physical activity that is mindful and feels good for you. A workout shouldn’t be a chore or a drag. It should be nice and satisfying. This is how the movement has to feel, otherwise it won’t stick. We are all complex and multi-faceted people, so we have to find the pleasure in exercise that feels good on an individual level. When we do something because we want to, we begin to realize the strength and flexibility of our bodies. Personally, I find that a slow-paced activity works best for me. It’s easy to feel defeated, but when you find what works for you, it’s important to be consistent.’

    Have a creative hobby

    ‘When looking for joy it is important to feed the little child in us. That joy helps with anxiety, which can also help suppress cravings. Many times we think we’re craving carbs and sugar, but we’re actually craving adventure and laughter or joy and intimacy. The simple fact of going outside and having a creative hobby—be it nature, painting, or dancing—makes us feel many emotions. It feeds us in a very intentional way. Many of us have jobs and responsibilities that can be overwhelming, but creative hobbies allow us to feel free and uplifted.’

    Romanticize life

    ‘There are several small ways to implement romance in a practical way. This can be like taking more time to relax when you get out of the shower and giving yourself space to feel. Not being in a hurry is a way to enjoy. Take the time to stop and think about where it can best be applied, whether it’s your morning routine or your nighttime routine. We forget to add pleasure to our own life and we should not rely on external sources for it. Ask yourself what quality time with yourself looks like. Sometimes buying an alarm clock and putting down the phone to sit with ourselves is vital. Intentionality leads to no distractions and a happier version of ourselves.’

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