The Tinamastes Farmer´s Market Opened Its Doors This November 29th

    The best in production, freshness and variety of products, is again open to the Costa Rican public

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    The Pandemic kept us locked up for a long time, limited to doing our daily activities. Entrepreneurs and farmers had to start working with new mechanisms to continue their productivity and provide quality products from the “Tinamastes” area.

    The Tinamastes Farmer´s market, which is now 8 years old, again opened its doors to Costa Ricans and foreigners this November 29th, specifically in theSalaComunal, providing its best service from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

     What does the TinamastesFarmer´s market offer?

    The Market is the second largest totally organic fair in Costa Rica, which is constantly joined by suppliers with new and fresh products.It was founded through the Vida Autenticaorganization, by the incredible Melissa Sweet.

     It is worth noting that Melissa told us exclusively that her objective still maintains, “to support and promote organic agriculture, -free of agrochemicals-, in the southern zone of Costa Rica.” It has the slogan “An Authentic Life Initiative”.

    The Pueblo Raices Initiative program

    Both initiatives, the Tinamastes Farmer´s Market and Vida Autentica, have worked in the training of a large number of Ticos about everything related to awareness, education, skills and opportunities to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle within the communities, all this as part of the intensive program that lasts for 12 months and is called the Pueblo Raices Initiative.

    Many of the organic program students have learned about the health benefits of growing organic, as well as the practical methods of food production, pest control, soil improvement, and product marketing.

    At the Tinamastes Farmer´s market, its vendors, approximately 45 entrepreneurs, are natives of the areas: Las Tumbas, Tinamastes, La Alfombra and San Salvador, all of them training in the Pueblo Raices Initiative.

    Undoubtedly, visitors to the Tinamastes Farmer´s Market should feel proud of so much marvel together, of the colors, variety and quality of products such as: poultry, cow, goat and buffalo dairy, vegan cheeses, bakery, vegan and conventional pastries, seeds, preserves, oils, condiments, sauces, honey, natural medicine, personal care, cocoa, local coffee, vegetables, fruits, handicrafts and much more, that will make us want to always come back.


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