The Power of Change

By Zahrah Sita

I used to look at some people’s lives with envy.

I would see the differences in the people who had happy homes, healthy parents, and never endured abuse or trauma.

I would think how much more I could do if I was given an easier entry to this life … minus all the trauma and heartache I had to endure.

I later realized that all that trauma and heartache, although it nearly broke me, gave me a spirit of determination, an understanding of suffering, a compassion for those hurting, a drive to help them, and a reason to find my inner strength and innate empowerment – and embody it and use it and to rise above everything.

Although I lived a very challenging life for quite some time, and although I nearly lost myself trying to escape it and heal from it all, I emerged as a warrior.
Now – only gratitude and understanding for all I went through to become who I am today.

Don’t despair if you are facing your greatest challenges. You can make it through. The challenges, the pain, the suffering, heartbreak, tragedy – all that – is to teach you, expand you, and transform you. It will develop your strength, grow your wisdom, and give you a reason to rise high and seek something better.

And for those of you who feel utterly broken and lost and alone – reach out to someone. I couldn’t have made it through some of my darkest moments without the help of coaches, mentors, healers, and my connection to the Divine.

It is what inspired me to turn my life around and help others. It is what gave me the drive to become a life coach and a healer.

My philosophy is we get ourselves free and we turn around and help someone else to get free. We teach them how and encourage them to pass it on – in the way we are each called to help.

Your life is a gift.
You have the power to change.
You are not alone.

Don’t get lost in the House of Mirrors

It was designed to distract you from what is really going on …
The extraction of life energy to fuel a greedy dark agenda.
The energy of your life, our planet’s life, all life.

All of the acts taking center stage are just that – acts. These are the players in the greatest charade ever known and one of the most sinister of dramas – the enslavement of Earth and the hijacking of humanity’s consciousness.

You disempower yourself when you fall for their bait and allow yourself to become emotionally charged in response to their elaborate circus. Instead of losing your mind over politics and the rest of the extravaganza, you could be joyfully living your life and contribute to creating an alternate reality.

See what happens when you stop tuning into their programming.


costa rica spiritualityTo unplug, clean your mind, get in nature, take a break … for a week, a month, a year … see how you feel, see how your life changes.

You have the power to change the world if you decide to.
We all have the power – when we stop stifling it or giving it away.
Imagine the impact we will have to create the world we want to live in when we all stop wasting our energy on a system designed to oppress and enslave us.
The only reason that system still rules the world is because we have not cut the cords of alliance and stopped giving it our power.

Every time you react to their acts, every time you turn on their news, every time you get distracted from life by tuning into the system programming – you are giving that system your power. Instead, you could be creating, exploring, celebrating, healing …

Wake up family. Time to usher in the New Earth

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SOURCEZahrah Sita
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