The Mix of Cultures Consolidates the Flavor of our Gastronomy

    A successful gastronomic idea is born from a mixture of cultures.

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    Fernando Espinosa CEO of the project that we bring you next defines it as a mixture of the passion for Mexico, his country of origin, and the love for Costa Rica, his current home.

    Although Costa Rica is true, it is a privileged country, on its four sides today it is not only known in the rest of the world for its exuberant beaches, forests, or mountains but for the mixture of innumerable cultures that today reign and make life in the length and breadth of its territory.

    A faithful example of this is the fresh, innovative, and very interesting proposal that Fernando Espinosa brings us by the hand of his Mexican food restaurant located in the heart of Heredia. The same project that is prepared every day to please the tastes of the most demanding diners.

    In this way, the reporter team of The Costa Rica News (TCRN) had the opportunity to talk with Fernando Espinosa responsible for this project, and through this material, we have decided to tell you all the details behind the success of this great project.

    The empowerment that mixes two sister nations Mexico and Costa Rica through gastronomy.

     Espinosa, a native of Mexico, came to Costa Rica in 2002 to finish a family business. What he did not know is that this country would catch him making it his second home.

    When referring to the most difficult thing to maintain a business of this size, he is emphatic in mentioning that the most complex thing is in being able to find people who are loyal and dedicate themselves to work in addition to those who are willing to learn. Among this accumulation of activities also that this willing to serve others through the preparation of food mostly Mexican.

    This idea, in addition to being a great offer for the Costa Rican citizen, will allow them to know and enjoy the gastronomy of other latitudes. It will also become a source of jobs directly and indirectly for the Costa Rican people since another of the great proposals that come within this mix of activities is to allow the Costa Rican farmer to grow fruits and species native to Mexico.

    This action to obtain fresher and closer raw material when preparing the dishes for the enjoyment of the public. Action that is becoming a challenge to develop for the Costa Rican farmer.

    Quote: How much do we lose? When we don’t risk we lose more. Fernando Espinosa Morales.

    New structure hand in hand with new plans.

    Espinosa is quite clear in maintaining that in this type of business there must always be an adequate space to reinvent itself. Action that he has understood very well and that he has been developing in the best way. Well, it is expected that in the next few days it will owe the new name of the restaurant that until now is baptized as Tacotitlan.

    Likewise, in the next few days, he hopes to present to the public a series of new renovations for the enjoyment of everything. He exclusively shared with us that very soon and with the help of our Daniel Yepez, the same space will have a special area dedicated to CoWorking.

    At the same time, I refer to the “new normal” that we are living as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, making it known that it has all the biosecurity measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid some source of contagion in its facilities.

    Finally, the invitation is extended to all those who wish to try and learn a little more about succulent Mexican food. A place where you will discover how and why Mexican gastronomy mixes perfectly with Tica. Remember the invitation is always made, the decision is yours.

    Remember we are located from Universidad Nacional, 200 meters north, local Av. Esquinero 9 calle 9200 Norte de la UNA Heredia, 40101, Costa Rica. You can also contact us through the number +506 2260 3529

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