The Jobs That Are Growing The Most In 2021

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    2021 has been, without any doubt, one of the strangest years of all time. The acceleration of Covid-19 in our lives has caused a good part of our habits, to which we were accustomed and with which we have been living for several decades, being interrupted or, at least, partially modified.

    1 – Technology

    The increase in the consumption of technological products has increased their demand, mainly in sectors related to design and video games, which are the most requested.

    Approximate growth: 38%

    Core skills: video game design, business strategy, video game development, IT service management.

     2 – Retail

    Large supermarkets have received a significant increase in demand for products, as a result of which they have increased the hiring of personnel dedicated to customer service, cashiers and replenishers.

    Growth: 41%

    Core Skills: Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Problem Solving.

    3 – Real estate sector

    Teleworking and the lack of employment have caused many people to leave the big cities in the direction of towns on the outskirts, to gain in quality of life by not having to count on the need to be close to the job.

    Growth: 49%

    Core Skills: Real Estate, Real Estate Transactions, Negotiation, Property Management, Customer Service.

    4 – Specialized medical professionals

    The Coronavirus has hit very hard and, for that reason, health personnel with development in very specific areas have suffered an exponential demand, having in their hands, if possible, a more important job than ever.

    Growth: 55%

    Core Skills: Intensive Care, Medicine, Nursing, Pediatrics

    5 – Business

    The changes that the arrival of Covid-19 has caused in our jobs have also led to the search for more specialists focused on business strategy or service management.

    Growth: 56%

    Core Skills: Management Consulting, Product Management, Business Development, Strategy

    6 – Experts in digital marketing

    At a time when going out to the street to buy in a shopping center is not easy, knowing how to reach the public that is in their homes through different channels has become the basic strategy of many companies.

    Growth: 61%

    Core Skills: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Online Moderation, Instagram, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Digital Strategy

    7 – Mental health professionals

    Confinement, work problems and deaths have increased the demand for professionals in the psychology sector.

    Growth: 62%

    Core Skills: Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Mental Health

    Stressed and tired businesswoman feels exhausted sitting at office desk with laptop. Tired young female professional with laptop at start up.

    8 – Medical support staff

    The continuous tests for the detection of Covid-19 and the development of vaccines have caused clinical trials to multiply and, with it, the demand for personnel to work in laboratories and in vaccine applications.

    Growth: 62%

    Core skills: Laboratory skills, healthcare, clinical trials, clinical research, pharmacy

    9 – Specialized engineering

    The search for experts has increased, mainly in computer technology and applied to the new digital and teleworking times that exist today.

    Growth: 63%

    Core Skills: DevOps, Cloud Computing, Ansible, Engineering, Java, Software Development

    10 – Freelancers specialized in digital content

    The number of entrepreneurs dedicated to ‘streaming‘, social networks or video editing has increased exponentially.

    Growth: 63%

    Core skills: ‘podcasting’, YouTube, ‘blogging’, social media, video editing

    11 – Customer Service (BPO)

    At a time when going to any store to answer questions about products has become complicated, telephone service has become essential.

    Growth: 64%

    Core Skills: Technical Support, Customer Support, Customer Experience, Troubleshooting, Customer Service.

    12 – Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    In an age where statistics and information are essential, knowing how to understand and interpret data has become elementary.

    Growth: 64%

    Core Skills: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, R (Programming Language)

    13 – Electronic commerce

    Purchases through the Internet have multiplied, which has resulted in a good part of the companies having this service to increase their sales in this increasingly wide way.

    Growth: 70%

    Core Skills: Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Systems, E-commerce

    14 – Personal and professional coach

    Workers whose main function has been to help others change their habits, especially physical and work habits.

    Growth: 78%

    Core Skills: Personal Counseling, jobs,Career Counseling

    15 – Education

    The restrictions in schools and educational centers have caused that the way of teaching has changed. For that reason, distance education specialists have seen its demand increase in recent months.

    Growth: 92%

    Core Competencies: English, Elementary Education, History, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Science, Physics, Mathematics.
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