The Increasing Battle between Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

    New challenges and defenses against potential threats

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    Cybersecurity has become a critical challenge in the new digital age. The increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in all fields presents new challenges to protect our systems and data.

    On the one hand, in some cases AI can be used to identify patterns and vulnerabilities in security systems and exploit them more effectively and in much less time than a human attacker would. This is one of the great advantages of using this technology. However, on the other hand, it can also be used to carry more sophisticated and difficult to detect attacks, which is why users should consider an appropriate combination of preventive measures.

    And it is that AI, with its ability to automate processes and make decisions based on data, has revolutionized many aspects of our daily lives, which seduces users to depend on it. However, its implementation also presents significant risks in terms of cyber security and data protection. This was stated by Wilberth Molina, Dean of Computer Science, who reiterates the importance of taking several precautions to keep ourselves safe in an increasingly complex digital environment.


    Learn about privacy and data protection. AI feeds on vast amounts of data to train itself, which raises huge concerns and many security challenges to protect privacy and ensure that sensitive data, already part of the digital map, does not fall into the wrong hands.

    Watch out for AI-powered attacks! Cybercriminals are leveraging AI to carry out more sophisticated and difficult-to-detect attacks, especially after many companies have implemented multi-factor authentication methods. AI algorithms can help automate attacks, adapt to defenses and evade traditional security systems, said the dean of Computer Science.

    Beware of data manipulation and misinformation. AI can be used to generate and spread false information, which undermines trust in the data and can have a negative impact on decision-making, Molina warned.


    • Update- Regularly updating systems and software is essential to Molina to protect against known and emerging vulnerabilities. Advanced cybersecurity solutions, such as up-to-date firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus, must be implemented to mitigate the risks associated with AI.

    • Train- Training users on security best practices and making them aware of AI-related risks is key to reducing the risk of compromising situations. They should always be wary of links, hooks that are looking for a click or that provide confidential or personal information.

    • Monitor- Establishing a system of continuous monitoring and analysis for suspicious activity and system anomalies is critical to identifying and mitigating threats before they cause significant damage.

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