The First Foundation to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Digital Resilience in Costa Rica is Created

    Entity seeks to advise and accompany individuals and organizations in technological updating and digital hygiene

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    The YOD Foundation, the first of its kind in Costa Rica, is pleased to announce its establishment with the main objective of strengthening cybersecurity and promoting digital resilience in the country and throughout the Spanish-speaking region.

    After the cyber attacks suffered in 2022 in the country, the urgent need for a comprehensive response from civil society is recognized, supported by specialized organizations committed to the issue of cybersecurity and digital education.

    The YOD Foundation positions itself as a strategic ally to accompany and advise individuals and organizations in the technological update process and the adoption of digital hygiene practices.

    “At the YOD Foundation, we believe that digital security is not a luxury, it is a right. Our approach focuses on equipping each person with the skills and knowledge necessary to skillfully navigate the challenges that lurk in the digital world. We fervently believe in the power of preparedness and empathy to build a safer and more supportive digital world for all people,” said Paula Brenes of YOD.

    Digital hygiene and technological update

    In an increasingly digitalized world, cybersecurity becomes crucial to protect national assets and critical infrastructure. The Foundation will provide resources and experts dedicated to strengthening digital hygiene, thereby mitigating the risks associated with digital threats. Additionally, the Foundation is committed to promoting a culture of cybersecurity and digital resilience, educating the population about the importance of protecting themselves online.

    The creation of the YOD Foundation has been a meticulous process that has met all legal requirements. With a diverse team of professionals from different disciplines, including IT, education, business administration, health, international relations, legal and audit, the Foundation is prepared to address cybersecurity challenges from multiple perspectives.

    The YOD Foundation is committed to working in collaboration and cooperation with other organizations, companies and governments to effectively address cyber threats. Additionally, it supports research and development in the field of technology, cybersecurity and cyber resilience, seeking innovative solutions to protect digital infrastructure and data.

    «At Texas Tech University – Costa Rica we are happy to join the board of the YOD Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity in all its fields. With our commitment to academic excellence and research, we hope to actively collaborate in the creation of innovative initiatives and strategies that strengthen digital security. Together, we aspire to build a safer and more resilient future in the cyber field,” commented the University communication team.

    Support is welcomed

    For those interested in supporting the mission of the YOD Foundation, companies are invited to contact the entity through its website www.fundacionyod.orgLikewise, individuals are encouraged to complete the volunteer form available on the website , and schools, colleges, SMEs or interested organizations to communicate via email [email protected]

    The YOD Foundation is committed to promoting cyber education and awareness, fostering collaboration and cooperation, supporting research and development, ensuring equitable access and supporting vulnerable communities, as well as encouraging the participation of women in technical leadership.

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